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  • Add Your Suggestions for 1.2!

    Stick any suggestions you think is a good idea, but please, no dynamic-lit flashlights for the time being....

    About the lighting troubles, i know its the game's nature to be dark but could we possibly have NV goggles? i think it wouldnt be TOO complicated, just a filter on top of the game screen that brightens things up, along with the static-green tinge of course. this would wash out some colors but would definately brighten things up (like in real life). it could be an extra to bring on the mission...yeah

    and for maps i'd like to see a standard run-gun-acheive the obj. but with a rail-gunning part, like say on a cargo train with hordes of aliens swarming from the sides onto would make for a great escape kind of feeling. but its just an idea for a map so w/e.

    heh vehicles dont hurt, also.
    "Why use a flamer when you can kill the aliens with Sarge's Cuban Tobacco Black cloud of death?"
    ~Heard in multiplayer

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    Not Gliders!!!!
    Smack the Planet!!!! -


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      Set weight values to the normal UT2k4 weapons. The people in charge know what I mean.

      Also, may I suggest that people's names be colored red in the debriefing screen if they are a teamkiller. While cool, many don't have the time to gaze at everyone's kills and medals one by one, and skip over it, thus missing the TEAMKILLER over their portrait.


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        .....models..........create some new models for the characters

        [Edit] if ur not gonna add new models I'll tk those ugly zombies like hell... and some of you know how good I am at tking
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          Make the AI accept voice commands.... hmm, I wonder if that's even possible to code....
          Immortius' Forge


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            Originally posted by Salsa
            Set weight values to the normal UT2k4 weapons. The people in charge know what I mean.

            Also, may I suggest that people's names be colored red in the debriefing screen if they are a teamkiller. While cool, many don't have the time to gaze at everyone's kills and medals one by one, and skip over it, thus missing the TEAMKILLER over their portrait.
            ...and medics should get MERCY KILLER.
            If we can hit that bull's-eye,
            the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards...


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              New Ethnic Characters!!!!
              A Gruff Scotsman with a Beard!
              A Pirate!!!!
              A mexican dude!!!
              A Black Guy with an afro!!!
              A Chinese DDR champion who has +10 movement skill!!!!
              A robot!!!!
              Bob Saggot!!!!!

              No New Maps!!!

              Custom Campaign support!!!

              More Alien Types!!!

              A new Weapon!!!!

              A mode that pits two teams of 8 against eachother!!!!! (using the aforementioned ethnic characters for the second team!!!)

              20% More Exclamation points!!!!!!!!

              More Emotes!!!!!!

              New Maps!!!!

              Real Time Shadows!!!!!!

              <-- This Little Club Swinging dude!!!!!



              More Difficulty Levels!!!!!

              More NPC's!!!!!


              10 New Weapons!!!!!

              A Glider!!!!!
              Smack the Planet!!!! -


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                hmmm maybe u can improve the shoulderflashlight.
                hmm and new enemys and maps.
                A Chainsaw
                A Machinegun witch an attached shotgun.
                Lasertripmines for the explosive guy.


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                  lol at pepito


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                    I'd like to see a campaign structured around mission do well, better things come your way, but the later missions may be harder to complete (to compensate for your l33tness). Example using the current mission set:
                    ReactorCore Objectives - Kill 30 alien eggs and/or enable the reactor cooling system. Doing the first would mean less adult aliens in Rescue, as you have destroyed some of the breeding stock, but the entire lighting system would be dead due to the reactor going critical (this could also give the option of another mission to find and activate a backup generator). Saving the Reactor would mean normal lighting, but more aliens. Doing both would prove your l33tness and maybe give more mission objectives for Rescue to compensate, thus keeping the game fair to all levels of players and rewarding those who improve their skills
                    I have no mapping, coding or scripting knowledge. I am merely a player of games. My purpose on these forums is to throw out random ideas produced by my warp-fethed brain in the vain hope that someone more talented can realise my dream


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                      Acid for the aliens blood.
                      Range attacks for the aliens. (hydralisk in Starcraft?)
                      Webbies for the behemonth and the spidys.
                      Flyers never drop-to-death (happen in Uplink... )

                      Nightvision goggles (with flare-temporay-blind effect if possible... )
                      ASG for everybody.
                      Double flammer damage
                      Fire extingishers.
                      Rocket launchers. Laser guided(autoaim) (or not ).
                      Frag grenades.
                      Axes / handguns / Karate / Kickboxing for "melee attacks"
                      Flying axes / flying knifes / swords / bow and arrows.
                      Marine-use turrents. (like the turrent in Onslaught in UT2k4)
                      Sentryguns with more ammo / with reloading capability.
                      Skip the Stunning grenades, use regular grenades for p-rifles

                      Climbing capability.
                      Ropes and pipes for sliding.
                      Double~triple jumps / jump boots
                      SWAT spinning move. (if you know what I mean... )
                      AutoStim mode everytime you blow a barrel.
                      More movable boxes and barrels

                      Tactical retreat (kinda like reset the map, but at stages; say back to the last "tactical" defense/safe point)
                      Briefing screen tutorial (teach the newbies for how to restart )
                      TK penalty / not-TK benefit (gotta have something to award the non-TKing ppl )

                      *add* Crosshair styles and colors
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                        1. Add a Revive ability to highly skilled Medics (skill of 5+), requires one use of a Medkit.

                        2. Increase the Medical Satchel quality a bit so Medics can get a few more uses out of it.

                        3. Increase the Tech Classes ability to have secondary items (non-weapons) by one additional slot. Be nice if Flynn was able to carry a hack tool AND a welder. This is mainly for the Engineers and Medics since their firepower isn't that great. It would give them a bit more flexibility.

                        4. I like Piroko's map idea, very cool. Would add a bit more variety to the linear map system.

                        5. Tank Hunter's idea of some form of nightvision. Some areas are just impossible to see bugs coming even with the Thermal Scanner.

                        6. New grenade types. With the option of the 22A3-1 Assault Rifle
                        using other types along with stun.

                        7. Isn't the game missing the Akimbo handgun type? The one that you can get when you've gained the medal for a high kill count with the M73 Pistol. I gained that award and went after the Akimbo to check it out and couldn't find it...

                        8. A few new weapons for each skill class would be nice. I.E. rocket launcher for Explosives, a plasma rifle of sorts for Special Weapons, a bio weapon of sorts for Medical, and some sort of energy weapon for Technical.


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                          Someone already mentioned this somewhere, but I’d also like to see people glued to walls and floors whispering ”kill me”. Maybe they could spawn a few parasites or an adult on death. But really, a new campaign is what I tops my wishlist. Vehicle/mech and new bug ideas are also interesting. And yeah, I still have a soft spot for zombies.

                          I'm confident we will be very happy wherever BCG takes AS. Love the Black Cat!
                          btw, i cant find a love smiley


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                            "Range attacks for the aliens. (hydralisk in Starcraft?)"
                            half the concept of aliens is that they are harmless as long as they are more than a shotties arm reach away


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                              9. Add a sidearm slot for pistols or at least move them from being equipment into the weapons classification. That way, if a player (such as the techs) does not want a heavier weapon, he/she can have a weapon and still use their equipment slots for the other items.

                              10. Add some new pistols as common pool. Even make some of them require a skill level or a medal award (like the missing Akimbo).

                              11. If not vehicles, add some sort of mech gear. Such as in Aliens or some sort of exo-suit. It could be something for Special Weapons and/or Explosives. It could also take up the Secondary Slot.