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Voice chat in v1.2

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  • Voice chat in v1.2

    Have successfully downlaode the zip version of 1.2 with bit torrent. I tried to set-up a server which one person came to as it was only up for a shot while as I can't get the speech to work right. Voice chat & speech recognition are both enabled under settings

    running v3270 of ut2004 with version 1.2 of alien swarm under windows xp pro

    any ideas

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    your Voicechat Button may have been remapped as AS uses F for Inventory Slot items and UT2004 uses it for voicechat. but thats only assuming you stuck with defaults.
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      Also, I believe there's a bug in UT2k4 which stops listen servers from being able to talk. So run a dedicated if you both need to talk, or just use Teamspeak or something.


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        Listen server or dedicated server?

        For some reason UT2004's voice comm cannot be heard by the listen server host.
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          It had worked in the demo but when I got retail I immediately noticed that too. I believe its probably because listen servers generate a whole lot more stress on one's system, and voice chat would make the stress greater.
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