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    Anyways, somebody suggested a tazer in the 1.3 suggestion page, but it was dissmissed as being unbalanced. I thought if the tazer could only be used if a bug was grabbing you and you could hit the use-extra key and it would stun it and knock it off. It would be rechargable; but after one use you would have to wait like a 1 1/2 minutes for it to recharge or something. It would be better than trying to have your teammate shoot it off and killing you, or you trying to shoot it off and taking alot of damage before you kill it. (I would put this in the suggestion thread, but it's already 13 pages long and nobody would read it, sorry.)

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    Seems pointless, you already have a melee attack anyway along with stun grenades... and it's just as ineffective on harder difficulty settings as it is, so this will grow to be that way as well if it's implimented. Looking back upon all the 1.3 suggestions and getting better at the game itself, I take back all the suggestions I've made in that suggestions thread from way back when except for a new campaign
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