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    cool, this mutator does work for me in Multiplay

    perfect, thanks again, I'll stop thanking you now

    one more time



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      by the way butters, the weird Williams character name has never appeared since the first time, so it's all great, thanks


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        shimmrodd, please use the edit button instead of double/triple post.


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          Originally posted by shimmrodd
          Yes, art is art, and games are games.
          Yes, I know, it's just a game.
          But, games have art directors.
          Must be some art in them.


          That's the big catch phrase in game design, but many designers don't know what immersive is. It's not just great graphics that make a game immersive.

          What allows us to become immersed is when the game designers make the game look as much like real life as they can. Then, even though we know all the time that "it's just a game, we can get lost in it, as though it were real, the way we do a movie.

          Movies wouldn't be as immersive if the names of the actors floated above their heads, though yes, we could tell who's who much easier.
          So, this all in one sentence is: You want to play the game like you really were the commander

          Am I right? Get that feeling sometimes...
          The *mean French look* haunts...everywhere.

          Look mom, I double A'd Moses -2kmix- heavy


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            Originally posted by mOdEtWo
            shimmrodd, please use the edit button instead of double/triple post.

            What I mean is, though, you can't exactly co-ordinate a team manuever by saying "you, do this; you, do that, etc." I mean, how are they gonna know who you mean?


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              Glad that you enjoy it so much.

              And no, Williams is not a bug.. he's been called an easter egg before though..

              Hint: Always read the objectives.


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                Heya Exo, I know whos' who because I know which player I picked to be #1 2 3 and 4. I'm not finding it hard myself.

                the names floating there DO make it easier of course.

                so it's like I can use the mutator, and have the game look a lot better but have to memorize who's who before I start the mission, Or I can not use it and then the game doesn't look quite as good, but I don't have to memorize. I have a choice !

                Also not haveing the names in Multiplayer is just great.

                About the one sentence thing, there is a great book about a "future" where everyone must try to make their ideas as short as possible, even cutting them down to one word if possible. Called 1984

                And ok Modetwoo, sorry, I see that edit button now and I'll use it.