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The Rambo Challenge: Revisited

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  • Originally posted by Fuzzy Bunny View Post
    You took assault shotty - flamer - t-75 and hoarded all the equipment in the map?
    And a lot of equipment there is. Two ammo bags, Rifle, Sentry gun and stun nades.

    Kept all ASG ammo and the T75 for the end fight, where I used 4 on Elvis when he ran in, and the last to kill the first wave of gimps.

    I knew I had to pump most of the ASG shells into him, so I started off, gave him a good beating with the flyclap. He ran off again, to call for help.
    Ah yea, another wave of gimps. Thanks for the stuns. Come here, I will clap you!

    After the second wave the king started following me, so I could use the shotgun on his face again.
    He died quicker than I thought, after only two waves of gimps, and I think I had 2 or 3 shotgun clips left.


    • Nice one.

      Does this mean we can stop playing now?
      Kept an xmas avatar for 3 year(s).


      • Nice one LF, you beat me to it for a change


        • The study of Sulfurology bore fruits today.

          After hundreds of attempts on insane, I tried to put it down to 'just hard' today, and see, second time I faced Grandma, I was able to beat her.

          Now it will not take long until I beat insane too. Harr...
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          • Nice patience!
   | [email protected]


            • I did it! Sulfure is down!

              Took a while, and hundreds of attempts.
              At one point I even made a training map, with just the end fight. Just too frustrating to play the mission dozens of times, to reach the end once, then losing in a couple of seconds...

              Also, Faith needed to think up some tricks, like making the gimps stuck somewhere to be able to kill em, or strategies to get through the two hacks without being gnawed at.

              Fortunately the map is full of stuff to use. The stunner came in handy several times, and I wouldn't have made the end boss without the pulsegun.
              That boss fight was easier than I thought. The hardest part was not getting infested when the queen went stampede, but the architecture helped at that. And the pulzor's pushback. And the stims. And the sentries of course.

              Eat this, grandma!
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              • Absolutely badass...
                Nice job mate


                • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  You sir, just get the status of best ASw player of all time!

                  This is nuts LF. I seriously doubt it was even possible on hard, so I'm really impress.

                  My AS2K4 map: Sulfure-SE
                  And a fixed one: BehemothTournament-TE2


                  • Originally posted by lightfoot View Post
                    I did it! Sulfure is down!
                    Great! Now do it again and record it!


                    • can i shut down the server now ??
                      Just for fun


                      • Never!


                        • Based on a true story.
                          The prequel.