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  • #1 & #2 Mia

    Are #1 & #2 MIA for you lot too?

    (just wanted to get in first )

    I belive this is being discused Here
    Alien Swarm Map List

  • #2
    Yes, it was being discussed in that other thread, no need for this one.

    And they are back now anyway.


    • #3
      I see they are, i thought i'd be the noob before the noobs got a chance

      anyway whats the point if almost all ppl cant get in #2
      Alien Swarm Map List


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        Multiple redundant systems are a staple of the military mindset.


        • #5
          so why are you 2k anyway?
's safer here.


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            It took 1000 Prototypes to get him accustomised with the assault shotgun and Flamer , 250 on basic tactics and movement , 50 on hand to hand combat , 500 to break his will to protect his fellow marines , and the 200 were just racking up kills until they were hit by random autoaim

            Good news that Pickup one and two are backup however. I was worried there that MPUK had adopted the "If they aren't used they aren't necessary" approach. The pickup servers have brought very good games to the community, I'd miss them if they went.
            "Underneath the waves of terror, the Fuzzy Bunny thought how silly it was to worry that his pets might not get on"


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              The best strategy ever made... first change the passwords to the servers so that no one knows them, then complain how nobody ever uses them and take them offline
              My cats are black! How about yours?


              • #8
                I take it none have yet discovered the new #2 pass?