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Who is the best Alien Swarm Player of them all?

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    loose like jo momma ^_^ ... blowing off steam, pissed me off... yeah... whatever then


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      Originally posted by Nachimir
      That could easily lead to a games workshop mod too: A few brave aliens hold off an endless horde of disposable Imperial Guardsmen, complete with the Cockney accents they gave them in Winter Assault

      (Edit: That is, if GW weren't as militant as Fox Studios at stamping on any fan creations based on their IP).
      Thats a better picture than what i could find when writing

      Although of course commissars exist in history and not just fiction - WWII Russia etc.
      Alien Swarm Map List


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        Discovered it !

        I had a bad feeling right after I shot you, but its was too late.

        If somebody, who thinks he is uber, joins in at a late point and thinks he can show off by jumping around and leaving the rest of the team back dead, that gets me mad.

        We had a slow loader. If somebody starts the spawn too early by going south, The slow loader gets eaten by the bugs from back.
        Plain easy. Just wait some seconds. You didn't even ask why I said wait.... Just ignored it.
        And that was only the start of it...

        If I could, I would have grabbed your arm and just held you back, telling you to calm down and wait for the others. You can maybe rambo other maps, but not Tunnel. Especially since you were the stunner. That leads to mass death of not so experienced players. One didn't even know Tunnel.

        EDIT: If you don't know it, I'm not good too. Don't think I want to sound pro or whatever. Thats not the case.
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          Sounds like DelXander did the right thing, and AlienInvader is an annoying person.


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            That hit.

            Oh, well, I got still much to learn


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              meh, the only thing that can make me slow down is a harder difficulty. SOP to rush out the gates at beginning of game-> you told me to wait twice i think... once before the first hack, near the medpack, and once again before the second hack, neither of which starts a spawn in the back, only front... i don't think anything at all starts a spawn before you get to the second hack.

              And i wasn't aware there was such thing as slow loader between mission screen and start of map.


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                Originally posted by Carth
                Sounds like DelXander did the right thing, and AlienInvader is an annoying person.
                him doing the right thing has nothing to do with me being annoying so no.

                Annoying is spamming... or dying a lot... i might die slightly more than the average vet... i'm gonna say that's about it. other than that, i'm strongly opinionated about what's fun... and you're welcome to not read my opinions, so i don't see how that's at all annoying... meh.

                multiposts are in fact "annoying" so for that i apologize