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A few questions: Sigma

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  • A few questions: Sigma

    I've looked at a few faqs, and searched the forums, but I keep getting info about the Research lab laser, or demolitionist mines... neither of which is what I'm talking about.

    I forget the name of the level (it's in Sigma, about the 3rd or 4th mission), but at the start of it there are a few mines w/ a laser tripwire... the laser doesn't damage you, but basically if you break the beam, a mine at one end of the beam explodes... it's not enough to kill you, but it does some damage. I got through it, but I have to think I didn't go about it the best way. I tried jumping over the beam, and ducking under it... one of them, you can hit a terminal to raise a platform over a tripline, but I can't seem to get past most of them uninjured. Basically, I ended up tripping them, while as far away from the mine as possible to minimize damage. Is there a way to get past these uninjured?

    I just got through Uplink last night... any advice for the end? I got through it, but not particularly cleanly. I kinda accidentally started things early, but was able to pull it together. Next run, I'm kinda thinking of setting up in the NE corner. Any advice on weapons for that one? I didn't try it, but I'm thinking maybe the shotgun would be good there.

    Also, is there a map-by-map walkthrough of the SP campaigns? I'm kinda interested in seeing how other people dealt w/ things after I go through each mission.

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    Shoot the bit on the wall where the laser comes from.

    Uplink is hard with bots, best to tell them to wait and deal with the queen using shotgun, flamer and mines (presuming no Telic equip).


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      D'OH! LOL... will do. Guess I was overthinking that one.

      Yeah, the problem w/ bots on that seems to be that they don't move. Fortunately, I was quick w/ the medic, and got the autogun on it quickly... and a sentry gun helped, but I had some near-deaths.


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        The mission you're thinking of with the mines is Salvage.

        You can let an alien trip the first mine if you stand right next to it on the right wall. An alien should notice you and come straight for it. Be sure to back up.

        Shoot the
        second one.

        If you hug the south wall on the third one you can trip it without being injured. Make sure your other marine buddies know you're going to do that. There's only room for 1 person to not be injured.

        fourth one usually gets set off by a parasite, but you can trip it to the north if you'd like.

        fifth mine you can easily avoid by hopping on boxes and such, but if you really have to, you could probably trip it on one side without getting injured. (If that doesn't work just shoot it.)

        The best way to learn the maps is to play with a pro, preferably one who has patience. Once you've played the tutorial offline (I'm assuming you have), head online and pick a weapon with autoaim and watch how it's done. The maps are the same online and offline, so what you see done in MP is the same for SP, except you'll have dumb little non-dodging aimbots following you.

        Oh, and if for some reason you can't play online (can't see servers, high ping, etc.) you can probably find a few demos here in the forums of people playing on insane or something. Look for the Speed Run or Rambo threads ... Someone will probably be nice enough to link them here.
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          Personally, I prefer running right through them all at full speed, anything else takes too long. Sure it hurts, but that's what medkits are for.

          And those random parasites be damned!
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            If you're too impatient to snipe the laser-mines with a projectile weapon, and if you're more patient than BiG_D, you can also detonate them by shooting a flamer at the laser.


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              I just figured it out, the mover has shootable enabled.
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                Originally posted by BiG_D
                Personally, I prefer running right through them all at full speed, anything else takes too long. Sure it hurts, but that's what medkits are for.


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                  I recently found out that you can jump the first mine. Wildcat wasn't so lucky
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