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Empty Alienswarm servers?

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  • Empty Alienswarm servers?

    hey all,
    I've been playing alienswarm on LAN with my friends for a quite a while and have now started to look for some online games. Unfortunetly I seem to only be able to find about 10-11 servers and they seem to always be empty. Am I missing some server list where all the normal Alienswarm people play or are there really just very few servers and even less people who play online?

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    There are plenty of people who play online still. It's mostly a matter of catching them online. Usually, if one person joins a server others will follow since there's often a few other people watchig the servers waiting for a game to start.
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      Its declined since AS:I was annouced "O_o lets wait for the next version" but Telic brought it up loads, while i wasnt around at the begining, last year i saw 5 full servers a few times, never more, this last 6 months its been like 2 full tops.

      just jump in a server and ppl will join, if you forget and go afk it only takes 1 person to kick you so no worries.


      If its just you and 1 other person and they try and kick you vote no ASAP as theres a "feature" that allowes you to kick ppl when theres just 2 of you.
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