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Question on the single player campaigns

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  • Question on the single player campaigns


    I am very new to this game and have just started the single player campaigns, its this - Do the Aliens just keep coming or do they 'run out?' - only i was taking ages and they seemed to keep coming so wondered if there were time pressures to finish the missions (or else you run out of ammo)



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    It very much depends on the map. In some places on the map the aliens will come in limited numbers to keep you on your toes. At other points, the aliens will come in unlimited numbers. These points usually are around critical tasks such as welded doors, consoles to be hacked - so you need to hold a position temporarily before moving on.

    The trick is to try and get moving as quickly as possible - as the longer you delay the more likely you are to get caught reloading and eaten.

    I'll take AO_Barracks as an example.

    Your marines have to hack a console in the centre of a corridor to open the exit door. From your left and right come unlimited numbers of aliens.

    If you cover each direction you will probably stay safe for a fair while. However, if once the hack is complete you take too long getting through the door and out of danger you risk losing your entire team. Set mines or use sentry guns to cover your exit if absolutely necessary - or use the bots to cover your retreat.

    E.g - Crash and Faith go through the door, then turn around and face back the way you came. As you manually move Sarge and Wildcat through the door, the two spare marines will be able to cover against any aliens that have followed you through.

    As for mission time pressures, you'll usually see a countdown if there is a deadline to finishing the mission (0.59 to Meltdown at the top of the screen) - otherwise its just till you succeed or run out of ammo. (At which point you start hitting them with the butt of your gun Marine!)
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      thanks for the tips - really need them at the moment as i don't know the maps and am still getting used to controlling a squad



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        Jaeger: They just keep coming!


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          and coming and coming
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            They r comming out of the goddamn walls in swarms!!!