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    I was missing an EFR-pendant to the 'StartTelicCampaign.bat' that came with Telic.

    I tried this and that, and the 'StartEFR.bat' with the following text worked for me:
     start ..\System\ut2004.exe AOL-TelicCampaignLobby.ut2?Game=AoCustCamp.AoCCLobbyGameInfo?CustCampStr=AoEFRCamp.AoCCEFRCampaignInfo?CampaignSlot=12?NewGame=Yes?SlotName=EscapeFromRhea?CampaignType=Custom?Mutator=AoEFRCode.MutEFR -mod=AlienSwarm
    I am not sure why, but it gives the marines some initial skill points, like on the Ortega campaign. It must be because it uses the slot 12. I accidentally stumbled over that, but then thought it would be just the right thing for EFR.

    EDIT: the EFR missions look fine with the Infested2K4 mutator on, too.
    Have it activated as well by using a setting like this:

    And another EDIT:
    The Riftcode mutator works too, of course, and if you know about its glitches (mainly the GLR cluster nades) it plays ok on EFR. Equipping the Blaster, for example, is a way to get rid of the ammo problems you may eventually have on BeggarsPoint.

    Also, the Options Mutator could be used, making it unnecessary to call Telic, EFR or Rift.
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