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  • How about:

    Pheromone / Projectitle / Scent / Decoy type thing.

    Fires or drops something that lures the aliens to/away from it. Not sure how hard that would be to code since it'll have to mess with the Aliens AI, unless there is something easy to just make the aliens "attack" the projectile like they would a marine.

    CN2 Gas gun

    like the flamer but sprays CN2 gas like the grenades. Doesn't hurt/set fire to marines unless they have lost their helm.
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    • Originally posted by NoData View Post
      I pray every morning i wake up before i look at the forum. The only thing i hope to see is a thread called "Chainsaw melee weapon beta1"
      How about this one ? the GL comes from Annihilation Arsenal Weapons iirc, why not using the Hellsaw from u4e ? Could be fun...
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