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    Well howdy everyone
    Some of you may have seen me before, but most of you...prolly not.

    Well anyways, ive been working on map concept for a 6-8 player map.

    Map layout/ objectives are all ruffed out (that’s for another post)

    However I would like to add a few items/wpns

    Here is what I managed to come up with, please let me know what you think

    Weapon slots
    Now mind you, the beefy guns will be hidden/scattered in the level. (Some of these might have been suggested b4, if so sry! please point me in the right direction)

    BFG: Yup, AS is in need of some hvy firepower! Not really, imo the GL is the equivalent of a rocket launcher, so imagine if you will the old school quake2 bfg....slow, powerful, and plus it would reach out and "grab" for off hand victims. Give it a 3 round clip with limit of 2. Give the gun a warm up time to fire and I think with some play testing it would be a well balanced wpn for some over run areas.
    And don’t think I haven’t thought about the tk part of it, but like ne wpn...there is always a curve.
    This would be a marine or specialist wpn only

    Battle Armor: After looking at the marines in their decked out armor...and then playing as them, I realized their armor doesn’t do much . So, why not do something about it? Battle armor would take up a wpn slot in exchange for damage and ff reduction, slightly increased health, speed, and reload time.
    This would be good for someone who truly wanted to be a tank, or for the noob who is just havein a hard time This would by no means make anyone invincible; just give them an edge in exchange for a weapon loss.

    Pulse/plasma/ion/somethingcool rifle: Well ya, im aiming for energy weapon of some sort. Tech only, now this is a crazy idea but I like it. Instead of having ammo, this will recharge like some items (shield belt) the key is short controlled bursts as to not overheat/drain counter/keep accuracy. I was thinking something similar to halo 1s plasma rifle, best thing I can relate 2. Tweaking on recharge rate and ammo amount will have to be looked into.
    After playing sulfure, I really like NoDatas rifle , I might have some Qs 4 you if you read this.


    Stun gun: The pistol is powerful, and akimbo is cool as well. I just would like to see more secondary minor weapons. So instead of a dual satchel medic with a pistol, they can carry the almighty cattle prod of the future. Would behave like the telsa with a short range spread. Wouldn’t be as powerful as the telsa, but would be able to kill and keep enemies at bay. It could be recharged via telsa station but at a much lower cost for telsa ammo per stun ammo (make sense?).

    Opiod injection: Nothing like a stim at all, more like site-x minus the blur and ability to remove a para. Would grant the player increased weapon damage and speed, as well as a small amount of damage reduction. Only for a small amount of time (3-5sec), but could get you out of a pinch. WOULD stack with BS.
    As a side effect of the injection, player would be slowed down in movement speed temporally after it would wear off.

    This one is controversial it seems, but due to the nature of my ambitious map, I think it is needed.
    Defibrillator: To be honest, I would love to see it....but this one is going to be a fun one to code
    Pretty much...medic only, 2 uses. Marine must not be gibed or killed by a para. Would revive marine to 1/3 hp as well as do some timed (lenghty...lets face it, comin back from the pearly gates would not be cool) funky filter effects for the ressurecti.
    So pretty much, if you’re the last demo and didn’t place the nuke...boom, let’s not waste 30mins and not finish this mission. So it’s a plus as well as a minus, since you will have to heal as well, plus you will have a gimped player for 20 seconds or so.

    P.A.D Personal Assault Droid
    Self explanatory, charged item like a sheildbelt. Will deploy a returnable droid that will float overhead and rain down AR fire from short range. Will attack closest target, will work wonders on keeping your rear safe 15-20 max deployment time.

    Well these are what have came out of the think tank the past few days. Sorry about this ungodly long post, but hell if you made it this far, thanks and please...i construction criticism.
    Subdivisions, ya...i got that.

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    And this is going to be a Deathmatch map? | [email protected]


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      He said objectives. Not many dm maps have "objectives".
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        Originally posted by DeadorK View Post
        He said objectives. Not many dm maps have "objectives".
        oh, you read it all? | [email protected]


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          Originally posted by Felix View Post
          oh, you read it all?
          Yeah, I stopped reading at BFG.

          Sorry Nurbs, I'm just a grumpy fundamentalist AS player.
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            Hehe, its all good.
            The map i plan on creating is going to be a long single mission. I would like to aim at something a tab bit larger then sulfre(only thing i can relate to in size). There will be 5 main objectives with 3-4 optional (optional objectives are going to be a lill bit harder to finish, but will be worth it. I just wanted to get some feedback on additions before i start to model anything out.
            Subdivisions, ya...i got that.


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              Having a proof of concept is what seperates the people that are taken serious from, well... you get the idea...


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                Ill run out and buy a 150$ scanner pronto....
                Your missing the point i think, im asking if "you" the player think these would be worthwhile additions to a map, or if you could see noteable exploits etc.

                Im just trying to save myself some man hours.

                Mind you, this is still all pre production, and everything is draw out and wrote down in a sketch book, things will change and nothing is set in stone.
                Subdivisions, ya...i got that.


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                  I strongly suggest you just go ahead and try if you're actually capable of realising any of your above ideas before you waste too much time with planning, that's what I attempted to point out with my previous post. Saves you some man hours.


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                    cool, ill have some renders up in a few days.
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                    Subdivisions, ya...i got that.


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                      Renders are nice, but can you code any of these weapons? I think that's more what Donator was getting at. Coding a gun that has the normal rifle model and does what you want is more useful than making a model and realizing that you can't get it to work right.

                      I think most of these weapons and items would be doable. The armour, defribulator, and droid sound like they'd be the hardest to get to work though. For the BFG, I suggest taking a look at U4E. They have a working BFG. You might have a look at their anti-gravity gun, it overheats.
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                        I read about a 'personal drone' or something like that for UT2k4. A small bot hovering around your head, assisting you.

                        I mean, someone coded that already. Could be worth looking into, at least.

                        About the procedure needed in general: to make a custom gun work right in Alien Swarm, you will need several subclasses of Alienswarm actors.

                        To test out if a certain weapon would be worth the work, you could use the UT mutator. A LOT of custom guns out there do work, but they just don't fit, style-wise. or story-wise. or out of gameplay reasons. or they just don't look good enough in overhead view.

                        Just keep in mind that if the developers would think a certain weapon is useful for their game, they would have coded and implemented it.

                        There is the BCG mapping tips for Alien Swarm, but on the coding side, apart from some bits of information scattered in this forum, you will have to rely on the vast documentation about modding Unreal that is out there for you to find.

                        And I guess if you have a nice map prepared, it will rapidly increase the willingness of the coders to help.

                        Anyway, good luck with the project. And welcome to the forum, nurbs!


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                          Thanks for the help guys, and ya i can code, i just loath it. And by loath it...i reallly hate to do it. It WILL take the longest part out of anything.

                          As far as the drone/armor/ and defib....ya those are going to be interesting, the defibulator i think is going to be the hardest.
                          But who knows, I could have a eureka right off the bat (all signs point to prolly not)
                          Subdivisions, ya...i got that.


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                            Drone is easy, just copy some sentrygun code and hard attach some emitter or other deco to your marine. Extra armor is simple in theory, there's even some leftover code for it in AoMarine, but it's commented out: which means you need to modify the AoMarine base class, say, it's not doable without a new custom gameinfo. Blargh. Coding a defibrilator is by far the biggest challenge imho, I'd forget about it right away. Btw,

                            After playing sulfure, I really like NoDatas rifle
                            I smell a copyright infringement lawsuit there


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                              hehe, my finger's were itching to comment on that, but then I heard a voice saying I may have given away too many secrets already.

                              nurbs, if you ever see this ugly creature, and you will, give it a good shotgun blast for me. and for great justice.
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