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    So ive managed to complete the models of new additions. I like how most of them came out, cept the considering scraping it and starting fresh, it looked good on paper...but hell im no concept artist. (it might be ok since its going to be top down anyways, but i still aint feelin it) I just wish my polylimit could be higher
    Damn you game limitations!

    Mind you, these arent textured, use your imagination on textures.

    So tell me what you think, what you like and what you dislike about the models.

    Only addition not modeled is armor...but i really dont think that needs any graphical indication of it being worn, plus i think it would be a pain to add.

    If there arent any problems im gonna start to texture
    Subdivisions, ya...i got that.

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    I just wish my polylimit could be higher
    Damn you game limitations!
    Well it seems that u wasted many polys on some parts of your models which u dont even see later in the game...

    and even if the models will be displayed very small in the game i would rather concentrate to add some attributes u can spot in the perspective of the game... at the moments i have the feeling they will all look more or less like "bricks" in the AS-view
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      Ok cool, which ones do you have in mind? What do you think could help these stand out? I assume your talking about the guns. Changes will be made, im counting on you guys

      Never working with AS before, im sure problems will arise

      But in all honestly...a lot of the current weapons in the game look like bricks. The excpetion of the flamer, its a brick with ovals.

      Subdivisions, ya...i got that.


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        hi nurbs, this is your friendly robot-ark!

        i like the models, the rifle on the left reminds me of the rifle the tau fire warriors carry in the warhammer universe. the thingy of on the top shelf looks like a curling ball to me ^_^
        as kangaxx said the wepons look a lot like bricks at the moment, but if you add a bit more shapes to them, they could turn out really nice


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          Our favourite game will display the weapon meshes very small anyway.

          Thus there is no need for great detail for this meshes.

          Something making it unique, in shape or color, or something else, despite the small scaling, is more important than detail, I mean.

          BTW, attaching effects to the actors afterwards will help that. Like the nice small blue Flame on the Flamethrower nozzle, for example. Of course you have to have it in mind while designing, if you want to use such effects. I could think of lights and sounds on weapon or ammo pickups, making them a lot more distinguishable. Or other effects that only activate if the weapon is held by a marine.

          You can only really knoe if the weapon looks good in top-down-view, lying on the ground, or held by a marine, if you tride it.

          I was thinking of bricks too, when I first saw the jpg. Which doesn't mean that I don't like those models' looks.
          And it is clear that even a mediocre texturing could change that impression a lot.

          A high-tech weapon COULD appear like a brick, in shape, at least roughly, as long as there is at least some details that can be associated with functionality.

          In this example, the weapon could try to arouse the overall impression of extreme bulkyness and heavy weight, giving the square shape a good sense somehow, IF backed with at least some more details into that direction.

          But really good to have one more modeler in the community!


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            a brick is a weapon
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              IF you are allowed to bash it into your opponent, that is. Or throw it onto his toe if he is out of reach.

              But sadly, the IAF marines are not allowed to throw their stuff.
              (If they were, the Shenks would finally have a good use...)


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                I reccomend doing most of the details with textures. I think the reason why the models look so much like bricks is that they don't have any textures.
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                  Ok so i remodeled the bfg after hearing what you all had to say

                  Here is the new veresion


                  If everything looks good in the model department, im going to start texturing tonight.

                  And yes, models w/o textures always look odd, however if your a modeler like myself...well grey and white is all you ever see
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                    ah yes looks much better now ^^ maybe a little bit too lacy for a BFG but that doesnt matter
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                      wow, nice bfg I really like that assault rifle, brick looking or not, it's cool
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