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  • Standard Player Size?

    Does anyone know how many units the standard Alien Swarm models are? I don't want to make the rooms in my level to small, because then it would look really weird.

    (PS Why is it shortened to AO? I know AS is taken, but what is the O for?)


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    The 'O' stands for 'Victory'.


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      Less than 64uu. Usualy, really close environement, sush as ventilations, is 64uu wide.

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        You want a wall height of 256-384 units, a carved out space above it roughly 1024 units high for the camera, an average width of about 256-384 for wide-, 128 for narrow corridors and 64 units for vents. Think of an 64x64 square with 128 height as your basic design unit, this roughly being the space one marine occupies in the game. Don't forget to place an overhead blocking volume, so marines can't 'climb out of the world', or 'wallhax' as most people call it, to cheat. The game really loves all sorts of crossings (T-, X-, Y-type...), a straight corridor with all attacks coming from the front won't be much fun. While you can litter your place with all kinds of stuff, try to keep the collision as simple as possible and avoid sharp angles, so aliens, which are unfortunately extremely dumb when it comes to pathfinding, don't get stuck on statics everywhere: BlockingVolumes are your friend there. On a sidenote, good old BSP usually beats statics in terms of visual quality if done right, because properly lighting statics is a plain pain in the arse in UT, so investing some extra time in vertex editing corners, alcoves and pillars really pays off later.


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          Thanks guys, after trying out Alien Swarm the other weekend (had it from the ECE Disk) I fell in love with it. Then I saw the mapping docs and I had a nerdgasm but then I noticed that it didn't say the standard player size, which threw me off.

          EDIT: Does anyone know if a map with a Mall setting has been done before?
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            Shop small; shop .. S-Mall, for all your molecular nanotech needs.


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              No, there hasn't been a mall yet.
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                Objectives: get 10 packs of tampons for Faith and Wildcat, get some Site-Ex and some beer for the demos ???
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                  Hahaha, those are some nice ideas! More of an infested mall, but I might as well throw some fun stuff in there