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Alien Swarm Weapon Remodeling Project

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  • Alien Swarm Weapon Remodeling Project

    It may seem kind of trivial but I for one am tired of looking at the default rifle model which represents the shotgun and assault shotgun. I love this game (yes, I consider it it's own game) and I understand the reason behind using those models but at the same time. . . They is so uglay. . . :p

    So I was at work and I thought to myself; why not re-model the basic weapons like the asg, shotgun, maybe the autogun. . . So I started when I got up this morning, made a shotgun, nothing really fancy but at a scant 540 polys it makes for a fairly solid replacement to the assault rifle mesh currently used by the game. Even did a skin too.

    So I need to export it and get it into Ued but first I'd like to do an autogun and an assault shotgun. Maybe (big maybe) the pistols and assault rifle too but those aren't high on the priority list right now. I'd like to get the community's input on this idea, suggestions, ideas and what not.

    Currently I'd like to offer these models as a replacement for the default meshes, something like a mutator you could plug in and see these weapons (kindda like V WEP support for quake 2 back in the day) but if no one is interested or it's deemed just too trivial to worry about, maybe I'll just can it. . .

    Thanks for the replys and take it easy.

    Yes my skin sucks terrible. . . I'm not good at that kind of thing, really I'm not. Anyone else willing to take a stab at it?
    Johnathan, the archetype Front Line Medic