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Designing a Lobby

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  • Sniper 1
    straight from the man himself:

    Originally posted by smattbac
    Look at AoCCampaignInfo, you should be able to figure most out by reading the code and comments there. You can also take a look at AoCcUpsilonCampaign and AoTelicCampaignInfo.

    To make a custom campaign you need to make a subclass of AoCCampaignInfo (in a MyCamp.u package file) class in AoCustCamp.u, fill in the default properties, compile it and make a file so the game can find your custom campaign. If you are unsure about how to subclass this and compile that, you'll need to learn it or have someone do it for you.

    The MyCamp.u and file should both be placed in Alienswarm/System

    The int file should look like this:
    Object=(Name=MyCamp.MyCampaignInfo,Class=class,Met aClass=AoCustCamp.AoCCampaignInfo,Description="My Very Own Campaign ")

    Replace MyCamp.MyCampignInfo with your own, as well as the Description.

    To get the locations for the missions and lines right, it's best to add some starting values (between 0 and 1), load the campaign lobby and use the design mode to move them into position.
    User Interface design mode:
    Use this to edit the campaign map design, locations of missions, lines, etc..

    The campaign map in the lobby map is a 512x512 size texture, but stretched out to 768x512(?) ingame. So when you are making your map texture, make it in 768x512 and resize it to 512x512 before importing it to the game.

    To make the lines between the mission locations, it's best to first place the mission locations where you want them (using the GUI editor mode ingame), take a screenshot and then load the image in your favourite image editing program and draw the lines there. When you are done, save each line to a seperate file (remember to make the image size power of 2), import them to a texture package, and add the references in your MyCustomCampaignInfo.uc file. Then load the lobby map, go into gui editor mode and adjust the location and scale of the lines.

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  • Joemama
    started a topic Designing a Lobby

    Designing a Lobby

    I'm designing Lobby for a 3-Part Campaign right now. Unfortunately I don't know how to put the Lobby together in the editor. I really would appreciate it if any of you more experienced Alien Swarm mappers could explain or give an reference to designing one.