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Making aliens ignor marines

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  • Making aliens ignor marines

    Here is the scenario: channel around 768uu wide, and very long, with aomover doors in it, and the marines are on the walls, the bashable/shootable doors work fine, but i cant get the aliens to charge at the doors, they just sit in the channel or crowd the walls, i need them to spawn, rush the door, do some dmg mill around and rush it again, while the marines shoot down at them.

    I also need them to behave erraticly like trapped well trapped things.

    If i cant solve this then i will have to find anohter way to make the doors open. (please no dumb answers about doors.)
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    have you tried navigation points
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      subclass the aliens so they ignore marines when they are in certain volumes.'s safer here.


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        Use the navpoints that force aliens to go in a direction for x amount of time?
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          Drones (or rather, their controller scripts, working as the drones' brains) have different states they can be in. Like 'hibernating' and 'moving to next enemy'.

          There is also a 'moving to point' state, if I remember right. While doing that, the bugs will ignore marines happening to be near. On reaching the destination point, they will enter the 'hibernating' mode, which also means that they are able to attack again.

          On Cleanup, for example, there is some bugs running across some wires over the player's head (instead of jumping down and attacking players). You might want to look into how that is done.

          The possible states are described in the BCG mapping links, under 'Placing Aliens'. Strangely, I can't access that page any more, but I know the info is in there.

          Making bugs 'behave erratically' will not be so easily done, I guess, as it would, depending on what you want, probably need yet another state not in the bugs's repertoir.
          Thus, it would need a subclass of the AoAlienController, I fear, unless you can do something with exotic (and maybe even non-functional) states like 'roaming', 'wandering' or even 'hanging on wall'.

          I recommend you have a look into that controller script. There are some explaining comments inside the code, clearing things up a bit. The script is in the AoAI package.

          I didn't get what you want the doors to do. But from looking at the controller code, it is clear that the bugs will only start bashing doors when they are in the 'attacking' state, ie when they already smelled tasty human flesh.


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            Basicly, you get attacked by more bugs than you can handle, but if you get up on the walls out of the way, the bugs are always trying to go towards the doors and break them, if this doesnt work i will probably put a mover(laser) infront of the doors and the first bug(or noob) that hits it will make the doors open.

            I have most of the geometry and the theory, but the aliens wontattack the doors or follow nav points when marines are near, also, stationary bugs that have no marines near them completely ignor nav points on my computer.
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              When the alien touches the navspot, if his enemy is in that general direction, he will immediately move 100 units in the direction the nav spot is pointing, thereby getting smoothly through the
              On the map the marines cannot get behind the doors.
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                you could just have a trigger for the doors,that the aliens have to passover to open doors
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