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A Rainbow Six Raven Shield 3rd Person Squad Based Shooter?

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  • A Rainbow Six Raven Shield 3rd Person Squad Based Shooter?

    I've just started playing Alien Swarm and it's great. I've often thought that it would be great if someone made a 3rd person squad based shooter, something along the lines of Jagged Alliance ( only not turn-based) using Rainbow Six Raven Shield. All you would really need to do is get the third person camera happening, work out a control scheme for aiming that would work in third person, and of course new maps. I've been making maps using UnrealEd for a while, but I have no experience with custom content, scripting or the like. Does anyone think this would be possible. What would I need to edit to get a third person camera happening? Is that something you can set up in Unreal Ed, or does it involve changing settings in files specific to the game.

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    Most mods are normally done to make something completely new or to port a favourite game to a different engine.

    Because you just want Rainbow Six Ravenshield in 3rd person makes me think you should just buy Gears of War or more likely Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. I can't remember if GRAW is 3rd person on PC, it is on the consoles though.

    Rainbow Six Vegas is 3rd person as well to some degree as you spend plenty of time in cover (and the camera changes when you do that).


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      Try Graw and Graw2 for the PC. It's first person.

      Vegas is less tactical and more shooty.

      Failing that, play Jagged alliance 2 again, it's still good, there are loads of modifications out there, the hardest I had was wildfire which made it way more realistic and extremely difficult.


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        Can't u just hit the tab key in rainbox six to make it third person?


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