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Mover doesnt work on multiplayer

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  • Mover doesnt work on multiplayer

    Ive got a map, but when i play it on a multiplayer server it is not completeable, but on single player it works fine.

    I have an elevator set up 4 switches(2 identical pairs), 2 dispachers, 5 movers(2 of the movers are in return grps with 2 others. Its a lift with double doors at top and bottom.

    On single player it works fine, arrive at bottom call elevator, bottom doors open, ride up, top doors open, and it works fine no matter what order i press the switches.

    Yet, on multiplayer when you arrive at the top of the elevator the doors are already open :S and they close on you, as if they started in the wrong position.

    Does anyone know what could cause this, ive tried rebuilding almost the whole problem, and the only solution i have thought of is to swap out the movers with shootable ones.
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    Hard to tell without looking at the map. Something else may be triggering them? I can take a look if you PM me the map.