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Map - AO-Meat - liked Crimsonland? You'll like this ;D

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    Are the medkits supposed to disappear when you use them? Right now I can pick it up and use once and they go away. It says 10000 on them so it seems like it's intended for multiple use.


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      yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a bug in that you can only use them once regardless of how high you set it I'm playtesting 1.5 at the moment with a whole bunch of fixes, including a temporary fix for this with about 12 medpacks. Other fixes:

      -Circular room instead of square to eliminate corner hiding
      -Less aliens with higher stats as you go up the levels instead of more aliens, to avoid lag


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        yarr , when i played this online with me and 3 others it lagged insanely
        but all you have to do is point and click with autogunners so it we got to lvl 8 :/

        and maybe stick the ammo and meds in center ? many people just set up shop at the ammo packs and sit there with unlimited ammo


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          The best solution was to put the ammo and meds away from the center. Even if you setup shop, at some stage you're going to have to run to the health kits. If it was all in the center no one would have to move from there.


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            Can you make two versions of this: one with all the ammo and health in the center, forcing them to defend from every side at the same time, and the current version where the health is opposite the ammo at the edges of the map?

            Each one offers something: everything in the center is a "last stand" style map where it's down to the last Marines alive and you have to try to beat back the horde of aliens from all directions at once.

            The current style is more "make a choice and see if you can win based on it" where you choose either ammo or health. Clearly choosing ammo allows you to stand longer than going over to the health area, but sometimes you can make a quick run down there to grab a little health while the rest of the team holds them off.

            Either one is fun in different ways, so perhaps consider two Meats?


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              no cover at all, nice to see the 1آ؛ custom map for AS, congrats
              My Survivol Maps... ...Soon...


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                i recommend putting the decals on low(or off) if that wasnt obvious to you at first :p

                makes it a whole lot less laggy


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                  If it is possible, please put in some mission objectives. A blank mission screen is very boring.