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Want Survivol mode? i'll give ya.

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  • Want Survivol mode? i'll give ya.

    Yeah you hear (read) it write, survivol mode, i'm making a custom map (3 at the same time, 1 for n00bs, 1 for avarange, and 1 for pros, and i mean pros ), some more days and i'll finish them and i'll post them here.

    But until then, i need ideas, for my maps, becose, yeah i know, im making them so i like them, but i prefer to see other guys play them and enjoy them, so here it goes:

    N00b map: time of play 5min of non stop swarm flood, 4 doors to the center of the room where your team is, now, should i put some health packs to be piked up? more ideas please;

    Avarange map: time of play 7.30min of play with also non stop sawrm flood, 6 or 7 doors opened, some cover so you cand tacticaly kill these bugs, more ideas....

    PROS MAP, and finaly my favorite: small "bedrooms" for a max of 2 soldiers to respawn at the start, after 1.30min the room explodes, so no camping (against the sawrm) (need help over here, just a litle), they must run to the center room that has about 10 doors, you cant seal ANY door hehe, try to survive for 15min, after this 15min. i want a expecial thing to happen, but i dont know what to put in there, ideas cmon.

    The maps are almost done, i just need a bit of code, and your ideas, and fix some texture problems, but in a week they should be done.

    I also want to know how to control the number of the

    Now remember, the flood from Halo ? yeah, they x 10 for my pro map.

    FINALY, dont f*ck u with my english, im portuguese and i dont care if i write it right or bad, i'm only interested in speaking it right and read it better.

    [EDIT]: forgot one thing, if you think that this is a bad idea, just dont say a word so this topic dont be f*cked up just like in many foruns out there.
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    My Survivol Maps... ...Soon...

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    I love the portugeuse! They threw stuff at Nickelback!

    Can't wait to see the maps.
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      do you want the final thing on the PRO's map to be good or bad?
      you could just trigger like 10 behemoths to rush in there after the finish

      now a crazy idea, dont know if this is possible or codable with a mapeditor but if it would be then its nice:
      let flares be shot automatically around the room like crazy from all sides out of nowhere
      like final fireworks


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        yeah, thats possible Knight, but tricky, and online it would be trickier... i was thinking in pros level, something that would reward them, i dont know (thats why i need ideas) think in the movies, cool endings, something that squash all swarms or burn them, like i said i need ideas, becose i want everyone to enjoy my maps, not just me..

        also my maps are like this in these stage,

        n00b map only 1 room, with a piller in the midle, 4 doors (2 doors, 2 ventilation systems), map really small, low number of swarm, only 1 type of swarms.... i wont put lot of work in here.... so the map is almost done...

        avarange map, has more style, desgin of it, still dont know, but right now there are 1 room and a corridor around it, in the corrider there are 5 doors for now.... still lot of work to do....

        pros map, best style (really alien (avp/avp2) style), but also small map (fast shooting) but the bigest of all the pack, 3 doors 1 sewer and 1 ventilagion system, i wont say how it looks like for now...

        also i WONT post any pics becose i just dont wanna, if you really want to see them, just wait a bit
        My Survivol Maps... ...Soon...


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          well, you've got me intrigued... New material is good!!!


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            How about you do a "Perimeter burn" like in Starship Troopers 2?

            Set up some blockades that they can shoot over, but make it so the aliens have to go around it. Then when they last the 15 minutes you can have it say "Perimeter burn" or add in a sound or something then see some barrels drop down then activate the mines that the explosive guy get just outside the barricade in the center of the room which'll just torch all the aliens around.

            Or if the fire is too much just make the barrels explode upon impact.


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              if its possible to trigger stuff to drop from the sky then at the end you might wanna drop a ring of boxes around the middle (big enough so the team in the middle is inside them) and then after like 15 seconds with immense alien swarming around the boxes you can bombard the entire exterior of the ring with explosive barrels
              like a big bloody explosive ending

              or just make it a bad ending and after the 15 minutes stop the alien swarming and let barrels drop from the sky all over the place in random places so the surviving marines can run around avoiding the barrels until they are all dead :p


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                lol for an ending, id have it say something like, BOSS FIGHT.

                and send in like 5 behemoths. if they all die, than it says MINOR VICTORY, if they all win you could have it say HOLY SHIT!, should be easy sence HOLY SHIT is already programed into ut2k4. HEHE


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                  thx for the ideas, they're nice, perhaps i'll join all of them, but remember, this wont be a mutator or a mod, for alien swarm, it will only be "normal" maps with no missions (perhaps after these pack, i'll make some like the avp sequel (fight with the queen swarm)) in these weekend i think i finish my n00b map, and perhaps my avarange map, if i do, i'll post them right away
                  My Survivol Maps... ...Soon...