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Question regarding AoObject.AoAlienEgg class

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  • Question regarding AoObject.AoAlienEgg class

    I have a static mesh that I created for my Alien Swarm map (see my other thread) that I want to make destructible in the same manner that AoAlienEgg is destructible. The mesh is a dirt/sand chimney that aliens use to reach the surface from underground. Here is a pic of it:

    I have the "whole" mesh complete now, and I can easily make a "destroyed" version of it and a couple gib meshes for the explosion. I'm looking at the code for the alien egg, wondering how I could best use it to create the destructible chimney.

    It seems that extending AoAlienEgg won't quite work, so I was wondering if the devs would mind if I copied the code into my own script and modified it. I'm also curious about how these lines work:

    I know how spawning a class works, but what are those classes, and where can I get a look at them? I'll need to modify/extend them to implement the effects for damaging and destroying my mesh, but I'm not sure what AoEggBloodSpurt and AoAlienEggExplosion are. If one of the devs could explain them or tell me where I can find them in UED, I would be very grateful.

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    C'mon devs, throw me a bone
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      You can extend the alien egg class and then just override the functions you want to provide your own effects.

      In your subclass, I'd say copy and paste the 'open' and 'hatch' functions and change the SetStaticMesh lines to your new open and hatched meshes. You can also change the blood spurt spawn lines to spawn your own blood effects if you want.

      As for finding classes, well, when working with script you really need to give up UEd. Open one of the scripts in UEd and choose 'export all scripts'. Then download WOTgreal and use that, it has full text search and open class by name features to make finding things a breeze.

      If you want to keep all your script inside your map file, you'll have to still work in UEd when writing your scripts, but at least you can use WOTgreal for browsing code.