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How to make doors?

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  • How to make doors?

    well, i followed the instructions posted on that ao map guide here and i can't seem to get it to work.

    Is there somewhere where i have to tell the door where to move to when activated? When i copied a door and its controlling usecomputer and rotated it to fit a space, i noticed it still moved in direction the door went before i rotated it so maybe i am missing a "where to move this door" setting?

    This is basically my first time using unrealEd too :p

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    Check out some UnrealEd tutorials on movers. Basically you need to set the keyframes (right click and choose Mover -> Key 0, put it in first position, Mover -> Key 1 and put it in second position, then set it back to key 0 for build).


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      Thanks, now i can continue work on my crappy first level