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  • Community Maps download site

    For those guys out there making maps. If you need a download site. Just upload them to then drop us a mail @ [email protected] and we'll get them put on the ftp server.
    They will then be avaliable from:
    Fast UK Only
    Limited International
    Multiplay Clanservers
    [email protected]

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    Sounds like a great idea, this would make it very easy for mappers to upload there new maps and for others to download.
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      mad well i just have to finish my maps now


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        Cool got any descriptions / screenies or you gonna make us play to find out
        Multiplay Clanservers
        [email protected]


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          well AO-CleanSweep is a basic map.

          Human outpost infested with Bugs go in the and clean them out so the military can use the outpost as there Operation centre.

          start go down a long corridior then in the storage hold then around through the living quarters and then finish it off in the command center.

          objectives Kill all aliens and X eggs

          ALOT of aliens and abt 30-50 eggs

          To more maps coming just work is slowing me down AO-ThePass and AO-DawnofExtinction.

          AO-Pass is just a long pathway and u just have to get to the other side
          AO-DawnofExtinction go into a main human base were a alien hive has been set up. Go in and make them Extinct.

          and trying and playing around with a tower map After hive go up a tower for evac.


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            Oh cool i can make a lava map AO-geothermal


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              Ao-Cleansweep is finished up to the storage hold now just LQ and HQ to do


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                nice support ... i'll have to start mapping soon!

                "upload the maps" - but who is checking the quality ?


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                  just downloaded both maps on that server.

                  Retreat is rather nice. missing textures and some lighting but a fun map.

                  Cleansweep is pretty straightforward. I geta weird hall of mirrors type thing in parts of the spawn though.

                  Need more maps....


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                    yeah i know cleansweep it is my frist map.

                    never got the"I geta weird hall of mirrors type thing in parts of the spawn though"

                    but did u get all the other bugs that were in it.


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                      just remembered i still have a 40 kill cap on the eggs oops when theres like 55


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                        just got the maps now, w0rd to killing for the hosting site
                        !! A New Disease !!


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                          can't download the files.