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Team deathmatch Map, VERY fun!

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  • Team deathmatch Map, VERY fun!

    I know it has been posted before but it did not have its own post and it really should have it...
    Jenolt made one awesome map for team deathmatch which is 2 bunkers on each side and a bridge in center with holes you can jump over...
    there are no aliens and each team spawns on each side of the map...
    it is a lot of fun you should try it we just played it a lot and theres definitly a few things you can learn from how to efficiently tk a parasited ally

    anyway here it is get it:

    you should try stuff like shotty only, pistols only etc...

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    go the map, it'll be cool if u do a 2v2 Team DM, and 1 spelator record it, and put that in the end of video
    Tip 1: use sentry as a stair case
    Tip 2: walk on active mines so when alien gets near you, they burn


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      You guys (AS devs) Gotta give us a proper Deathmatch mode! leave in all the alien stuff, but let us respawn!
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        Originally posted by PratizUnreal
        go the map, it'll be cool if u do a 2v2 Team DM, and 1 spelator record it, and put that in the end of video
        I didn't quite understand what you wanted to say, sry

        And Angel just making a thread for this one, tztztz


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          I think he meant to say "spectator"


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            Oh yah, pistols only. My favourite.


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              Ah, yeah, that could make sense Thanks salsa.


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                Careful of them spelators they can do some mean asp whimpen.
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                  JenolT, tnx for making that DM map i requested
                  you made it into beauty
                  i knew DM was fun for a while but never expected that DM could be so much fun on a specialy made DM map.
                  loads of fun especially when we agreed only to use pump action shotguns
                  btw: angel is highly addicted to DM ^^


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                    If I can kill fellow marines trying to kill me, I can kill aliens even more!


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                      After playing Deathmatch on AO-Barracks I knew immediately I had to make a DM map myself. I'm glad someone else had the idea and hope this map is a good map (downloaded but haven't played it yet).

                      I disagree that respawning would be good for AS deathmatch. While it is rather annoying to have to restart the mission and go through the roster/equip screen every round (I usually force within 5 seconds of new round), it adds a level of strategy to keeping your team's medic/tech/welder alive - something I plan to take advantage of in my map (still in progress, about 5% complete, LOL). It also allows for the freaky suspence of not knowing where your opponent is, rather than having a spawn, which might easily be camped.

                      Aliens are also quite fun to have in deathmatch maps and add a level of excitement and variety not found in other DM games.
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