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NEW MAP! =D AO-HoldOut

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  • NEW MAP! =D AO-HoldOut

    Ok this is my first map ussing Unreal Ed 3.0 before that i used to make cs and quake 2 maps =X i think i did pritty good for my first try, the people that helped me play test it say its really fun so i guess you will all have to just find out for youselfs

    AO-HOLDOUT <-- the linkage


    Kill 54 Eggs

    Kill 225 Aliens

    Ok now go!
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    Played it, not bad at all. It's very frantic & overwhelming - but problems also stem from it. I constantly ran out of ammo before I finished, but then again I played on insane. Also, the free roaming areas seemed too huge, vacant & well lit. The areas seem to be very disjoint and separate. But I still had a fun time. Gr8 work. I'm confident that your mapmaking abilites will only improve w/ time & are already looking forward to your sophomore effort.
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      spanky i fixed all that after we played that time also i put those ammo bags at the begging for a reason OH NO! AMMO RUNS!?!


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        I found that most maps are really closed in areas wich is awsome of course but now and again its fun to just be in some nice open areas with 40 aliens swarming at you at once =D


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          Wow that is a lot of aliens, and a nice map. Didn't have any problems on it (although is there a counter for the eggs left?). Anyway, I can't wait to play it online, and by far the best character on this map was Sarge or Jaeger. That assault shotgun rips right through the swarm and the mines are very useful. The areas were huge, and every time I went to check I'd got all the eggs in an area I triggered another spawn. If only the bots knew to use stims when I needed them... Great fun


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            hrmm they shouldnt be respawning by the eggs you must have just missed some before. the only respawners are at the end. =)


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              Yep, loooove those massive open field rushes!

              I was wondering though - what is the trigger to complete the mission?

              I've been playing on insane (gotta see what this is like on CARANAGE! ) and the mission doesn't seem to end when I hit 300 kills. I know that I've killed over 350 on a couple of occasions.

              Is there some part of the map that a character or the group has to be on in order to trigger the end? Or do you have to kill all aliens that don't respawn?

              I finished it on normal once but am not sure what I did that triggered it (the tally at the end was 367 kills).


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                probalby some .. count error, but i think theres only 54 eggs on the map, really didn't count but neway, the game ends once u have completed both objective. so if u finish the egg 1st (which ismost likely) then camp for the rest of aliens, it'll stop right away onceu get 300 alien kills. so total kill your really can do is 354 unless those last coupel ofkills u did with a shotty and rip through some more aliens
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                Tip 2: walk on active mines so when alien gets near you, they burn


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                  I found 55 out of 56 eggs. I'm not sure where the last one is. Is it hidden some place in the level? I killed 300 Aliens but it still said I have 1 egg left. I'll have to try again when I get some more time.


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                    the eggs are always together around those crystals, no hidden eggs
                    remember to shoot open egg shells too if the parasite came out
                    btw the count for the aliens seems a bit screwed
                    i think eggs are included in the count and you actually gotta kill 400 instead of 300
                    cause i always had 370+ kills when i stopped paying attention and short after it was over. so i guess its somewhere around 400 (including the 56 eggs)
                    so that would still make about 350 alien kills instead of 300


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                      Cool map. I did manage to find all the eggs, but a few more landmarks around the outside section might be useful - apart from the big green bloodstains, it can be kinda hard to know where you've swept for bugs and where you haven't. Egg counter might be handy too.

                      Good, simple fun, though.


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                        egg counter is in there but it only shows up after you got like 2 eggs left
                        so there s something funny with that too


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                          well that sux i did have a post on here saying i was gonna fix it and now its gone.... grrr anyway in about 3 hours it will be done =) and fix im gonna make it so it counts the eggs and buzzers as kills too.

                          thanx for the feedback though guys =) keep it commin although i once i got this map fixed im moving on to the next, this map was more of a test for me then anything =)

                          lol ya i didnt even know about the egg counter hehe sorry guys ill make sure to put it in when i fix the map

                          WOW I CAN EDIT! =D lol
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                            AlienX, you do know there is an edit post feature avalible, right? - No need to make 3 posts in a row in under 3 minutes in the same thread.

                            No offence, I just had to...


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                              sorry not really im new to forum stuff =X very sorry

                              there i edited it HAPPY?!! =P hehe