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Map under construction - AO-LostContact *screenshots*

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  • Map under construction - AO-LostContact *screenshots*

    Hi, I just thought i'd give some of you a sneak peak at a map i've been working on pretty much non stop for the past 3-4 weeks. I must admit, it looked pretty big on paper, but after making it I realised just how huge it is. It must take about 2-3 minutes to run from one end to another flat out with no stops.

    The map consists of two outdoor areas, a fairly small indoor area, a huge indoor area, and a huge alien hive. I have tried to keep it as consistant to the original maps as possible, but I have based a few ideas roughly from playing the game Aliens vs Predator 2 (especially the hive) and thrown a few of my own ideas into the mix.

    Anyway, since i'm trying to make the best job I can of it, and since i've clearly overfaced myself (this will be my fourth weekend eaten up) I've decided a few screenshots are in order.


    I will upload some more over the weekend if there is enough interest

    -edit: Thanks mOdEtWo , I will post links in the future.
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    very nice in deed

    good job looks great keep it up


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        The frist three screen shots like the nicest

        The very first one looks just look at the walls is that cut out or is it a staticmesh

        Alliera ach for most of my map and adaddon ach but ur walls look mad.


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          Thanks for the support guys. Please bear in mind that this map is a way off being finished. The lighting in place on some of those shots isn't completed, neither is all of the detail.

          TANKATIM, that detail is static mesh. It's just two railings that I have re-skinned in the editor with one slightly larger than the other. Pinned against the wall and with lights I think they look quite nice


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            Damn cool indeed. I'm definately impressed.


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              I can't wait!


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                Niiice. Looks very promising.
                Hey, what's that white dot on the circle-thingy meaGARRRGH!!!


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                  Shot0017 looks very nice


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                    You disgust me for being able to make maps that look this great.


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                      Hmm, not quite as many replies as I had hoped for... but maybe I was expecting too much for the sake of 5 screenshots.

                      Anyway, i'm still working on this beast of a map, and I really hope to have a beta out by the end of the week (maybe Sunday if all goes well.)

                      Until then, here are a few more screenshots:


                      Incase you spotted it... yes, I will fix the mis-aligned panel in the third shot


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                        There's not a lot we can say about screenshots, apart from they look breathtakingly well designed. I'm sure when it comes out you'll get heaps of feedback.

                        Those new screenshots look great again, keep it up.


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                          Now were talkin . that looks VEEERY nice.
                          Smack the Planet!!!! -


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                            Now thats the stuff, very cool shots! You mappers inspire me to teach my own lazy ass the UED. Thought I'd check out the basics 3d buzz vids for starters, but I neither have a "star" nor know how to get engaged enough to recieve one. Why oh why didn't i get that sweet looking silverbox UT, headset and all. :/

                            I would really miss the smooth 6 cd installation though
                            btw, everytime I see your name, Homer Simpson starts singing in my head

                            Good work!


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                              Originally posted by [nt]Leo
                              Why oh why didn't i get that sweet looking silverbox UT, headset and all. :/
                              I ask myself the same question. And I think the answer is Atari made it very difficult to get it outside of the USA. But the main reason is Amazon falsely advertised the version I ordered as having 2 DVD's, when in fact it didn't.