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  • Map Build Error!

    I have A Map that is close to 70% done. The BSP is Mostly carved out and static meshes are nicely placed. Lighting is great , and theres some basic pathnoding. all thats left to do is polish the details and Plop down the aliens.

    BUT! I have a serious problem!

    My Map is Not Compiling. as in , when I hit buildall , it simply finishes one progress bar , and then fwoosh , UED goes down without so much as a warning message. at first this was acceptable because I could still build my map by using the manual compile buttons. but now I cannot Build geometry w/o getting the same error. I have one Backup of my map that still builds proper , but it is Very Far back , and I frankly dont want to have to re do all of that work.

    IS there a way to get this fixed , working , and otherwise Happy?

    Also , someone on the IRC channel told me a while back that the Problem might stem from RO , however I have since uninstalled RO and reinstalled UT2k4 but to no avail.
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    ACK NOOOO!!! IT Fixored itself the Second I finished this post!!!
    All I did to change it was add two BSP hallways then it worked fine
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      Aiiieee!!! It's the UED Goblin!!!! Run ya fool, run!!!!!