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  • Devs, got a question...

    How large does a map have to be before it's considered too large and starts bogging down performance?

    I've been looking at some other peoples maps and right now, at about 1/3rd complete geometry, it's almost as large as Weaponfacility (great map by the way). I'm kinda worried that I might've overplanned here and might have to start cutting back.

    Also, when I play it ingame the camera will can't be the height of the map since I've tried it out with and without a black box overhead, and it doesn't look like any of the static meshes are getting in the what else could cause that?

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    Just zone your map proberly. It shouldn't be a problem then how large it is.


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      Rez: with the amount of stylish eyecandy shown off in your screenies, I was hoping the level you're fiddling with wouldn't be to short. Your question leaves me quite satisfied.

      Ok ok, I'm good with hype...