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  • Ao-DesertedFacility

    God damn u guys could of had a map to play to night but my damn UnrealEd had a major error and i didnt save to for two hrs #$#@ #@$%ING #[email protected]#. but tomorrow i have it done.


    -The frist wave of swarm came in fast and hard destroy or taking many facility, but for many were Deserted. The officer here were evaced but they did leave 2 important files behind.

    Mission basics

    -Threat ....... High .........

    Make ur way north intel makes that the officers destroyed the bridge and flood the bottom floor with Toxic Goo to slow the swarm attack but failed. Then proceed to Office where the 1st files are being stored.
    Then follow the corridor north (intel says that the offices sealed all the doors and reinforced then u may have to use the airducks to proceed to the Command centre) after proceeding turn right in CC and download the 2nd and last of the files then head for the observation room for Evac.

    File information

    1-Hive files- Major downloaded for the office these file hold information abt the lay out of the hives and the quickest way to the Queen and egg rooms.

    2- location off a MAJOR hive - This files form the command room have detected a hive colony of the swarm.

    Know ERRORS The A.I cant walk ove the destroyed bridge u must take them one at a time over.

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    Check your UT2004\Maps folder, UnrealEd autosaves every few minutes into files called Auto0.ut2 to Auto9.ut2.

    P.S. I do File -> Save pretty much every 30 seconds in UEd.


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      Don't forget to copy that ut2 to a new file every so often just incase you need to roll back a version or two because of corruption or accidentally deleting half your map.

      And, natch, if you want a to keep a file badly enough that you wouldn't want someone to wander in a delete it, BACK IT UP! Backing up is not just for that boring accounting spreadsheet.
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        no worries i got the day off so i will be finished


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          thxz a million guys


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            Desertedfacility Is Finished


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                go to forum community map downsite


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                  -cant set up sentry in frist corridor as the sentry falls through the grates

                  Now starting On Ao-DawnOfExtinction

                  BIG MAP!!!!!
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                    You know, there is an 'edit post' button, so you don't have 7 posts in a row, one sentence each...
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                      No luck with the MPUK server. Permission denied. The service looks unmaintained anyway, I would suggest you upload it somewhere else.


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                        How come I never see any custom map servers?



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                          there are sometimes custom map server rarely. I sent my map to bannana man so u have to wait till he posts it some were
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                            How big is the file, Tank? If it's under 7 meg I can host it for you until you find another place to store it.

                            Just send me a PM and I'll get ahold of you later on tonight when I'm back at home.


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                              "there are sometimes custom map server rarely but and i sent it to bannana man so i u have to wait till he posts it some were"

                              Errr...say what?