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    Just wanted to let the comunity know that I'm working on a new map series complete with story. I haven't figured out how many maps total will be a part of this little project but I'm having alot of fun with the editor which reminds me alot of the gmax editor I used to use to build neverwinter nights mods. I won't say too much about it yet but I will let slip that it probably won't take place in the familiar dark cooridors that we're used to playing in. Hell, I might even fire gmax up for kicks and see what I can come up with.

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    If you're good with Gmax/3DSM then you can do just about anything you want with Ued. I'm only just now getting into doing static meshes, but once I get more comfortable with the editor I'll go hogwild.

    Can't wait to see your stuff, man.

    P.S What have you done for NWN? I have a friend that plays it quite a bit and might be interested in your mods.


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      I made a NWN module and I liked the editor much better then UnrealED. I could get off more detailed enviroments with the NWN editor. Maybe I'm not learning UnrealED correctly but it's giving me a lot of headaches.

      I don't think I'll ever get good enough with UnrealED to make a decent AS map, so I'm going to post my map idea and hope someone with talent will bring it to life.


      Ship sent to satelite junkyard for dismantling.

      Ship is possibly contaminated by aliens.

      Marines dispatched to investigate.

      Marines arrive at satelite junkyard.

      Employee tells you they scrapped the ship ahead of schedule to make room for an incoming
      com sat.

      Employee tells you which bay it was disasembled at.

      Marines head down to that level.

      Marines leave the dock area to reception area/elevators, told they must check in their weaps.

      Marines must dump gear (pistols can be smuggled in).

      Marines go down to bay and scope it out, find an egg, alien wanders out and attacks them.

      Marines go back to elevator and back to their ship to report what they discovered.

      Power cuts out while on elevator. Emergancy beacons sound off, Elevator stops.

      Marines have to hack the elevator to go back up.

      In the reception area they pick up their weapons. Employee is no where to be seen.

      Docking bar doors are busted open, an alien is eating at your com antenna, dead employee on floor

      "wtf? more aliens?" feeling, they kill the one alien.

      Emergancy generator kicks in, red lights turn on, docking bay is illuminated to reveal
      dozens of aliens

      Unable to make it back to their ship, marines must retreat back to elevator

      Aliens follow, must close doors and weld shut.

      Elevator starts going down

      Power shuts off again, critical failure warning (melt down? hack to add 5 minutes extra time?)

      Marines must weld open duct shaft and enter it to proceed

      Marines must find bay the com sat is in and activate a distress beacon

      Marines must move to extraction point through the incinerators (maze portion)

      Marine can fortify their position by pushing shit around (boxes, barrels)

      Marines wait for extraction, 3 minute countdown




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        So there's no fighting in that mission?


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          That's just the storyline of the map. Aliens would be attacking you at opportune moments.


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            Oh I read it wrong, I thought you had no weapons in it...


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              Originally posted by Zarcath
              Unable to make it back to their ship, marines must retreat back to elevator

              Aliens follow, must close doors and weld shut.

              Elevator starts going down

              I guess some of us may be able to fight the way to the ship. Instead, IF player can make it to the ship within some time limit, say 3min, player get a mission complete. IF player does not want to fight the way back, player may retreat back and seal the door.

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                well the event would be scripted so there's no possible way for them to make it back to their ship. Even if they did get to the ship, something else would be wrong like the engine was infested and they'd have to go down and get a replacement part.

                I see what you're saying in that the map is linear. Which it is, I didn't have multiple scenarios in mind when I wrote it, but it could be adapted so there were multiple ways to escape.

                You could even do something like forgo the extraction and you have to fight your way to escape pods.