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Need help implementing an Airstrike Countdown objective

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  • Need help implementing an Airstrike Countdown objective

    I want to set up an objective where the player must call an airstrike then complete the level before the city is blasted to kibble. An AoCountdownObjective seems like my best bet, since I can't change the timer text for an AoEmergencyCountdownObjective (as far as I can tell, it will always say "Meltdown:").

    First, I need a way to trigger the AoCountdownObjective "on" instead of having it active from the start of the level. Is this possible?

    Second, I'll need to trigger the meltdown explosion effects when the timer runs out. I can call the event using the Timer properties in the AoCountdownObjective, but I don't know what event to call. Is there a way to get at the meltdown effect without using an AoEmergencyCountdownObjective?

    Thanks again.
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    Sorry, don’t know the answer to the trigger thingy. I guess you could check the custom map retreat that also has a countdown. Maybe that will help you figure out those triggers while comparing them. Or have a little patience and I'm sure the map guys will tell you what to do.

    So yer doin a city theme map? Just the thought of that is getting me excited.
    Whatever you’re doing, good luck and I’ll cya online!


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      though i've never done anything with mapping, i'd like 2 post some ideas:

      1st: afaik u should prolly try to open the first map, where the timer is triggered as soon as u enter the vent shaft. it appears 2 b possible there, so u should be able 2 trigger ur countdown like that as well. i dunno whether u can edit the 1st map, but u should give it a try and have a look.

      2nd: i dunno whether it is possible, but some flame grens (as delivered with the assault shotty) could do this job quite well. if u can spawn em, of course! deploying some explosive barrels (prolly with transparent textures) next to the designated locations might do quite well, 2.

      don't take these ideas 2 serious, but they're just possibilities how i'd try to solve the problems. u might find one of ur ideas answered tho.