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    Hello, Fluffy, SirRobin, and i have been having some interesting trouble including custom music into AS. Fluffy heard that you had to "import" the music files with the music browser in UED. But apparently that isn't working. Plus SirRobin and I both added music to be played in replacement of the current Lobby music and the music played only for the hoster of the server (fluffy) and twice for SirRobin and once for everyone who joined b4 initiation of the first game. But when I play SP i get the music i put it and the music triggers perfectly with no problems...any help would be greatly appreciated.

    *EDIT* stupid . i didnt search and was a bit bad i foudn the solution at here
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    In the case of Taika’s map, he was trying to import custom music into the map without any success. Since he had the song in his directory, it worked on SP but not online. Is it possible to import music so that it's part of the map? If it is, how does it work?

    Btw, I believe Taika’s track was an mp3.
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    • #3 - The myLevel package. A somewhat easy way to include custom textures/music/code with a map.
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        i have another question regarding custom music. Devs, please don't get mad at me, but the current lobby music is quite dull and puts me to sleep, for my map i was planning on having multiple sets of custom musics. i can get the ingame music to work fine (thx to SirRobin and his references and BiG_D) but i'm curious is theres a way so that you can have a custom music completely replace the current roster menu music for a particular map. The files i have used in all my music testing have been *.ogg files. however, if there is a way to have custom music with *.mp3 files it will be greatly appreciated to know the *.mp3 way vs the *.ogg way.

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          I think there is plenty of software that converts among ogg, wav and mp3. It is possible to "replace" the ogg files for the songs...

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