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Map idea: AO_Survive

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  • Map idea: AO_Survive

    I got an idea for a new Map for AS, Im not a mapper myself but i do models and can help anyone who wants to make this map.

    The idea is;

    You start the map with only 2 things: A pistol with a single clip, and a flashlight.

    A maximum of 4 players, you have to find your equipment and gear as you go, The map is very very large, but is very difficult (Even a single alien could take you down.

    The layout of the map is: A Small complex building Maybe with stairs that go down to the basement or something like that (Long enough down so you dont see the upper layer above it.

    The hive is deep in the basement, but you still have to find guns first. Once you have them you gotta kill the big bad monster(s). Theres an outpost miles away from the base (About a minutes straight walk, but it will be set so its tricky to get to) In the outpost is an armoury, it has 3 remaining guns and little ammo.

    The guns are:

    2 Assault rifles with 150 bullets each (3 clips)
    1 Shotgun (not the assault shotgun) with 30 bullets

    So if you play 4 player, the others will have to give them the pistols and such, showing that you have to cooperate to succeed, also there should be a door thats welded shut and cant be opened unless you find the outpost to do that. Now heres where the fun begins...

    Once you activate the doors... Theres no going back, Masses of swarms of aliens come get you.

    Anyways the rest is down to creativity..

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    Sounds like a neat map, go for it!


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      Hm. Ao-Survive. How come that sounds familiar?

      Well, the map itself sounds cool.
      Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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        LOL we need some more creative map names ...
        "Crack the panel!"
        "Once upon a happenstance, I did myself connect to a game-hosting combobulation."


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          AO-BugRelatedStrikeInvolvingHighYieldExplosivesAndNum erousRabidAliensThatAttemptToDestroy HumansInOrderToCauseHavocAndDestructionWhereverThe yChooseToRomp.
          Smack the Planet!!!! -


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            hey, Butters Carth and Fluffy all know how massively insane my map is ...its called AO-BOXofDOOM. However, it has been suggested by Carth that it is in reality the mother hive of the aliens and is also known as Hell

            Wait a sec...I thought you said Crash always died O.o....I'm not dead yet