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    I'm working on a map where a large revolving door (a custom smesh i made in UED) allows passage between two central rooms. I want the ObjectPanel that triggers the door's rotation to be inside the door itself, like this:



    the "wedge" is where the players stand when the door revolves, and the object panel is inside this wedge.

    my problem is that i want the object panel to be a mover as well, "attached" to the revolving door mover, moving clockwise in tandem with the door. i set both movers' pivot points to the same point, set keys 1 and 0, and tested them. when i tested, i noticed that the revolving door was moving correctly, but the object panel was actually sliding in a line, rather than rotating around the pivot like i set it to. it slid right through the door, yet endedup in the correct place.

    how can i set the object panel mover to rotate around a pivot that isnt directly inside the mesh itself? can i simply "attach" the two movers together, simplifying the whole process?

    better yet, if anyone has some good resources on movers in general (UT2004 preferably - i am used to the old UED version of BSP movers), that would be great. i also need to know things like how to get the revolving door rotating in a full circle. (right now, it rotates from 0 to 1 clockwise, then back to 0 counterclockwise. I've tinkered in the Movement properties and nothing seems to change)

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    Originally posted by [bulletproof]
    editing the ascii... why the fuck does vboard remove all my spaces and tabs? how can i change this? I'm going to upload some screens instead.
    Use the code tags, it has a fixed width font.


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      I think I know how to solve your problem.

      1: Make one object panel the one that you use to control the door.
      - Put it directly in the center of the revolving door
      - Set its property Advanced>bHidden = true
      - Also make sure its use radius is big enough to be used from both sides

      2: Make a mover from the object panel static mesh (or any other control panel mesh) and place it in the revolving door where you want players to see it.
      - Setup the control panel mover you made to move with the revolving door
      - Link it to the revolving door mover by making it part of the returngroup

      That MIGHT solve your problem.... unless you have no idea what I just said


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        set the initial state to constant loop. and it should work that when you trigger it it starts running the loop, and when you trigger it again it stops running the loop.


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          i will try your return group thing, Kodiak. also, the bHidden was what i was planning on doing. thanks for verifying that that's what i need to do. it's always good to know that i am heading in the right direction, you know?

          I'll also try the constant loop, powers. thanks everyone.
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