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  • Weapon Restrictions

    Sometimes the AoEquipRestrictions actor (or whatever its called) won't work correctly.

    I'm trying to make a level where players cannot bring their own weapons into the level but instead find them on the ground, but when I use the AoEquip, sometimes I find my characters have smuggled weapons or items into the level, despite my restricting them all. I think this happens when you go from the Roster straight to the play screen. Of course, I could expect the leader to force people to take nothing, but it would be nice if the actor that was supposed to do it would work correctly.
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    I have exactly this problem too, and I thought I posted about it, but apparently not. It seems to me that if you take no equipment at all, it sometimes gives you a "default" loadout (i.e. autogun for Wildcat, med satchel for Faith, P-Rifle for Crash)... maybe it's just the last loadout it gives you or something, but it doesn't like you having no equipment. Although sometimes it does work, so I don't know.


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      If you take no equipment it gives you the last equipment you had on the equipment screen. If you use the same character and take no equipment again, the last equipment on the equipment screen is nothing so you get no equipment. Did that make sense?

      If possible can you fix this in the next patch please so that it is possible to take no equipment? Otherwise AoEquipRestriction is useless for missions that require no equipment.

      I know, I know... I said equipment too much.