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  • Class specific Hack-Panel

    This goes to the Alien Swarm coders (given one of them reads this and is incredibly bored):

    Could you whip up a modified AoObjectButtonPanel that is class-specifically hackable? Say an object that lets you specify which class is required to unlock it. Could be used for explosives class planting bombs (that's what I had in mind), medics downloading medical data or specialweapon class operating some new high tech turret...

    I'd happily provide the respectively needed new GUI icons then.

    *Hack the PLAAANEEEEET!!!*

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    Well, this one is easy so we don't have to bother BiG_D with it .

    I coded it real quick but it might be enough for your purposes for the time being. Basically, it extends the ObjectButtonPanel and restricts it's use depending on the marine class (you can set this from Ued) - it also allows you to specify custom messages for the start, halfway and end of usage when you specify a TimeToUse and set bInstantUse to false.

    I put together a quick map with 4 of these panels so you can see how it works. Play with it and let me know if you need something else (eg. scale the time to use depending on the marine special skill, require that the chosen class be alive for the mission, etc.). It shouldn't be difficult to do that.

    Here is the link - extract the u into AlienSwarm/System, the map into Maps/ and add "EditPackages=CustObj" to your AlienSwarm.ini file to see the class from Ued. Once you are happy with it you'd probably want to embed the code in the map.

    Custom Class Panel


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      Perfect, thanks, exactly what I needed.