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  • ao-centralcommand


    First post, but have been lurking around (and playing) for a week or so now. Liked the mod so much, I thought I'd whip out a map (or two if custom campaigns get implemented, this being one of those in the mini campaign). While this will obviously be my first swarm map, I've been mapping since Doom (techically the original wolfenstein with the nifty Ansi editor, if anyone remembers that) and if anyone plays the HL mod Natural Selection, I've got 2 in the official release of that too - so I've got a few prior maps under my belt . Anyrate, I'll be off on a tangent shortly, suffice to say, it ought to at least look nice once its done:

    2 Teaser shots (a little big so to save the 56kers they are linked)

    Yeah yeah, they are just hall shots, but I'm satisfied with them enough for show at this point. There's some mostly completed hallwork done near each of those, as are a few rooms. I'm finally getting the hang of unrealed, as well as the nuances of scripting events and triggers. I've got the flow worked out well I think, as well as the BSP carved in total, so its just a matter of making it pretty now. Maybe a week to a week and a half time at this pace.

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    Whats the goal of your map? Whats the initial setting and etc, looks kinda neat..but its hard to tell from hall shots =/

    Wait a sec...I thought you said Crash always died O.o....I'm not dead yet


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      Yeah I know, vague on purpose. It will be a little more than walk around aimlessly Just an announcement of map otw really.


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        I think those shots look very nice, great detail and lighting. I can’t wait to se more teasers, or even better, unraveling all thats beyond those mysterious hallways ingame. Good work!


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          Hey dd77, it's been nice playing with you, and you're a mapper too. If there's anything Alien Swarm needs, it's new content.

          Those shots look nice... for halls . Post the story or objectives. I presume it involves hacking/defending/rescuing central command?


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            Obj wise, this map is 1 of at least 2 parts. There will be some exploration, a nice long hack or two and an escape. Then the sequal map will be part 2. I'm planning on making it quite difficult (although not ridiculously impossible like 100 alien spawns in a 10x10 room you are locked in ) to give veterans a good challenge. I figure new players will have enough to cut their teeth on.