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  • AO-Infested

    Hi, im new here in this forum, and i say sry for my bad english because i am an austrian

    so i build a map, not much details, but funny to play

    here it is

    here a screen, here u see whats happend when ur downloading the mission files^^

    and yes i know its undetailed, this map

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    I actually liked it. The dark bit was nice.

    Well, it was fun up until that lab hack where you're assaulted by 1000 bugs. That place you gotta fix because you can't really survive that without a explosives marine... and with an explosives marine it only takes one mine to kill all of them.

    And also... they were so many the framerates hit the floor with all those bugs banging at the door.
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      in the ammolocker in the noth you will find an sentrygun =) it helps a lot. an u can survive is with an special weapons marine and his minigun. i've managed it to complete the map with only one buddy. This map is quite fun, thx that u like it.


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        It's not that... The thing is that the bugs keep spawning until the Framerate drops to unplayable.

        If you want an infinite spawn you should try making the bugs respawn when they die... instead of spawning one bug every x seconds.
        Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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          I did a quick run in singleplayer and it’s good fun Jeklo. I got to try it out online pretty soon, but I’m to tired now. DeepQuantas has a point with the infinite spawn. Limiting the number of aliens alive at any given moment could be a good idea to prevent fps drop. Anyhow, welcome to the forums and nice work


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            thx, but i've choosen this way of spawning, because i want a limited number, so after a while the number of monsters decreases until its over. then you can proceed. but when I use bRespawn (or so) then there is a steady stream ob monsters.

            but thx to u all, an thx to the AS-team
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              is here sombody else who want to post an comment to my map?


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                Considering it's so basic it's quite an accomplishment, I'd be interested to see what more effort might have created, but:

                -NumAliens = <5
                -bRespawnAliens = true.

                Try it.

                There is such a thing as too much of a thing, your map is a good example. I don't like it when there are so many aliens I can't play because my machine can't handle all of them.


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                  ok, i will try this.


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                    Clearly you didn't.
                    Alien Swarm Map List


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                      When there's a sale on marines, those bugs will be a-rushin' out of the metalwork.


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                        So... is that spawn infinite, or not?
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                          No, but example, the center hack (the upper one in the map) have more than 300 aliens to kill... and it take something like 2 minutes to complete the hack! the map is great, but totaly unbalanced! only if someone could modify it, slow down spawn and decrease time of that hack

                          as i know, my server cant simply andle it and simply crash down THN and DayenTech survive it, but the lag is totaly insane! The only way to finish it is to turn marines invunarable

                          is it hard to change those spawn? caus i think its a great map

                          name suggestion:
                          #1: AO-Infested-SE
                          #2: AO-Infested2
                          #3: AO-TooInfested (nah joking )

                          Edit: After a look on the map, look easy to change number of aliens on each spawn and the number of time for the north hack Give me a couple of hours and ill come back with some news.
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                            Keep the hack time the same. Don't have the final exit spawn start until marines get closer. Some way to cull obsolete aliens or turn them back to hibernate would be helpful.


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                              Originally posted by NoData
                              The only way to finish it is to turn marines invunarable
                              Moses, Dread, myself, and a few others managed to finish it on Normal, I think... Might've been Easy, but we got it.
                              Based on a true story.
                              The prequel.