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    I remember! Somebody vent-haxed! I died in the nearby room!
    The *mean French look* haunts...everywhere.

    Look mom, I double A'd Moses -2kmix- heavy


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      ***moved there***

      Still working on it! But it take more times that ive think... For
      example, the upper room hack have 6-7 spawn activated by the hack, 80 alien each, 1.3 sec between each spawn! 400 to 500 alien in 2 minutes! now we have a good idea why that map lag

      i wanna make a little beta test with 6 players before i post it. probably today or this sunday.

      Edit: Map now contain +/- 175 aliens, some tweak is needed, but it lookin good! I reduce a lot each spawn, many are in hybernation, north hack and exit have now a "normal" number of spawn... At least, the map is now playable!
      Edit 2: beta test done and, wow, its work really great at 6 player need to correct 3-4 spawn, caus its too easy on insane: on a 6 marines run, 5 survives, and dead was an accidental TK Im gonna host it sunday probably...
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