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    A tiny mutator to play campaign games with the single map game variations. Tested online and seems to work fine, although it produces some extra lines in the log files. Other than that I haven't found any problems, but let me know if you find any and I'll try to sort them out.

    Download the mutator


    Put the mutator into AlienSwarm/System/. If hosting, you need to add:


    to your AlienSwarm.ini under the [Engine.GameEngine] section.

    When you launch the server, just add the string


    to the normal command line.

    eg. ecc.exe server ao-rescue?mutator=mutunlocks.mutunlocks

    Once in the roster, the leader or the server admin can type:

    > mutate variation

    Where variation can be hardcore, carnage, uber, camera90, camera180 or camera270. The map will then play under that variation, even in campaigns. This needs to be set at the start of every map.

    PS - I noticed that the log produces a lot of entries in uber mode :S I hope it is hackable.
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    Does it also do random and 90/180/270 view changes?


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      Wouldn't be hard to code it, but I left it out this time. You want those variations in?

      PS - Added them .
      Last edited by Butters; 18th Oct 2004, 05:45 PM.


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        Just when I thought we'd completed everything possible.


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          Can you set more than one difficulty variation at once? I.E. Hardcore + Uber?
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            Sounds interesting.. No, at the moment it just applies the normal variations, as in the single map case, to the campaign. If you issue the command twice it will set the last variation entered (works much like the GUI buttons in single missions but from the command line).

            I'll let people play with this version first. If they start whining that hardcore campaigns are too easy we can throw the 'ultimate' campaign mode at them, with lethal parasites, no autoaim, bigger and tougher aliens and 2x the amount of them.

            Hardcore campaign by itself looks tough enough.. even for stim addicts.


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              how do you activate the command line?


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                Press TAB.
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