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  • Ao-LostContact-LE

    Hey all,

    i'm making an LE version of lost contact(make that light, limited, or leet edition) after hearing a few complaints about how long it was, and how it has limited replayability (which I agree with)

    This version will have the boring bits cut out, more aliens, more ammo, more fun! The level will be almost identical, but i'm changing the balance to remove a lot of walking with nothing to do, i've also altered the objectives slightly.

    Anyway, if you've played the normal version of the map, could you please post any bugs you've encountered so I can fix them for this version. Also, if anyone would like to make a music track for it, i'd be forever indebted to them.


    Map is now available to download:

    Incase you're wondering, it's SE now, not LE :p

    nb: I have updated the map now to support 8 players. I R newb mapper
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    but... the long bits were what made it good! >:E

    In the normal version (I suppose that's what it is now...), sometimes I could walk under curved sections of terrain, which was kinda funky.


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      I like LostContact as it is.. its huge size makes it a unique experience, apart from the other maps. I agree, though, that one needs to be in the mood for it, with a fairly good team and some hours to spare . Not a map that gets chosen often for a casual pub game.

      A LE edition could be a good idea... but a new (smaller) map from you would be even better.

      Bugs: I don't think there are any serious ones, apart from the usual terrain caveats.


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        Well, i'm already about 1/2 way there, so there's no going back now

        The problem with lost contact as I see it is that it's a bit too long, with too many empty areas where nothing happens. Couple that with the difficulty and the lack of ammo and you have a map that people can't be arsed to play for more than an hour or so... which is a shame because I put many many hours into making it.

        While I haven't made any huge changes to the map, what I have done is tweak it to be a bit more fun, a little bit shorter, and a bit easier (except the ending of course)

        Unfortunately I don't have the time to create an entirely new map, i'm taking only a few hours to fix this one up and test it, whereas a new map could take weeks and is a much bigger commitment.


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          Ammo scarcity is a good thing, since it's challenging. On normal AS maps, ammo bags are completely optional (unless playing on Insane). Being forced to conserve ammo in order to survive presents a whole new difficulty above just dodging bugs.


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            Maybe you're right, ah well, i'll just have to see how it plays out.

            Now does anyone know who I can ask about a music track for it?


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              no idea


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                Whoa, hell yes nacho! however I sorta agree with butters, leave what's there as is, but instead throw some more monsters in there. maybe a queen or two as well with some alternate routes. the original is probably by far one of the best maps I've played aside from the original campaigns and damn well should be part of one.

                And naturally, the map isn't boring, it's building up a little anxiety and anticipating what the hell will happen next. Throw in some infirmary areas so medics can replenish their stock and if possible, I'd say even make the map longer and more involved with a couple extra (but not too many) restock points while maybe keeping the same (squared) dimensions of the original, just fill it all in nicely surely never trim it down ADD TO IT!
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                  Originally posted by NachoMan
                  Maybe you're right, ah well, i'll just have to see how it plays out.

                  Now does anyone know who I can ask about a music track for it?

                  What kind of music genre are you looking to add to it? I could possibly ask a few friends to see if they'd be willing to mishmash some of their mixes into a nice loop for it
                  The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.


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                    I didn't have any specific genre in mind... just something that's a little bit creepy and atmospheric.

                    Also, i'd like to replace the ending retreat music with something else. Something tense and in the same style as KR-Collision-Course but different


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                      right, i'd pretty much given up on this since I started back at uni, but i've decided FWIW that I might as well just release it so that people can play it (or not)

                      So, to that end, does anyone know a server where I can test this map online? i'd like to give it a couple of run throughs before I release it.


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                        There are people who could host a dedicated or listen server, if they are willing.


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                          sounds good to me


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                            I might be able to get a dedicated server running, depends on the time though.
                            Behind You Durandal Traikan in game.


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                              Well, was interesting. Certainly not easier