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  • Ao-Evacuation

    Ok, here's the idea;

    You have been sent to evacuate a base of important personnell, that part is done. Now you have to get out, but your only way is through the old hangar tunnel. This isn't a good thing. The hangar tunnel hasn't been maintained in months, no, years, maybe even decades. Upon entering it, the players find a fighter that's had the ground cave in under it, it's now pretty much in a crater. If that doesn't tip them off to the upcoming events, they are stupid.

    Yes, most of the floor in the hangar tunnel is a MESS. A lot of it will cave in of it's own volition, some will only cave in when walked over. Anyone falling in a pit should either be dropped into the cavern tunnels beneath and have to fight their way out of there (there are some bugs hiding) or find a way back up (like the ones those aliens come out of with the floor panels that collapse, then they come out of little tunnels) and rejoin their teammates.

    There's a second catch. There is a time limit. If you don't get out in time, the Swarm will catch up with you and kill/infest/molest/etc. you all. Not good.

    Anyone who runs in a straight line should suffer (floor hole) seriously. You will have to learn to spot the damaged floor.

    1. Open the main door to the Hangar Tunnel
    Once this is done, countdown starts
    (optional a. close the Hangar Tunnel Entrance behind you - if you do this, the countdown will increase, giving you longer to escape)
    2. Run. Like Hell.
    The players must run for their lives along the long hangar tunnel, avoiding bugs and collapsing flooring
    (optional b. go via the cavern tunnels instead - this is ONLY for the suicidal, insane or maniacal. The lower tunnels are going to be infested like hell - escape will be a lot harder)

    I can't map for dear life ( ) , so anyone who wants to do this, can. The cavern tunnel areas are optional, but I think it would add a better excuse than "you get stuck in a bloody hole" or "you fall down a small hole in the floor and die".

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    well... i'm afraid noone is gona map a map for you,if someone wana start mapping they will probably work out their own ideas. Not so long ago i never mapped before either and i'm very close in completing my very first decent map soon... Just get some tutorials from the web and start mapping... ask help when needed. I think mapping for AS is easier because u can hide a lot with the topview camera, meaning u can 'cheat'. On the other hand, some things might be a little harder to make it look realistic in topview.

    But what i wanted to say... try UED - u will hate it ,it crashes every X minutes and u get sick of it, but when u hang on it will give u some pleasure too n