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Problem importing model into UED

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  • Problem importing model into UED

    Yeah I know this belongs in a Unreal editing forum... or something... But I'm stuck on this....
    I made this weapon model and for the life of me cannot get it it to export right (or import right... something is jacking it up)

    Heres the model in Maya....

    Here it is in UED

    I exported it using the UT2004 export tool, it has 3 joins, 2 bones, a texture (that didnt get applied to it, but thats not the problem.)
    and every time it exports like this...

    I'm by no means an expert at this but I *think* everything is set facing out, I mean I dont recall any faces looking in on the model... Unless it happened during triangulation... Can someone help?
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    have you triangulated the model?
    it looks like its still in quad form, and in UED is just turning the squares into triangles, leaving big nasty holes..

    Unless it happened during triangulation...
    hmm didnt read that :/ not sure then
    nice model btw
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      I don't know much about Maya, but it must be something that you are doing because the Crucifier looked a lot like that when you sent it to me as an .obj. Are all of your verts welded?


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        Moved to the Alien Swarm Mapping forum.