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  • AO-BehemothTournament

    A big thanks to all the mapping help, but unfortunately I lack the tech skills to use the UED well. So I decided to do the next best thing and let my dog play with the editor for a few hours and he proved his canine intelligence with this random map. Since its a dog I have to help write the briefing and naming. I was thinking of calling it AO-4niceboxesofshit or AO-reallybadmap but decided on BehemothTournament as there are only behemoths in it(apparently he likes them).

    Enough yapping, heres the briefing,

    AO-BehemothTournament objectives

    Welcome to Octnocus, home of the Behemoth Tournament, the ultimate blood sport in the galaxy. In this tournament, you and your teammates will be battling it out with behemoths in four stages.

    Restricted equipment: Assault shotguns, flamers, mines, flashlights and automated sentry guns. Tons of rifle and autogun ammo provided. You may want to bring a shotgun for close encounters. Artificial lifeforms are discouraged from this tournament.

    Fight with honor. The crowd does not like dirty tactics.

    Fun fact: You can draw with behemoth blood.

    Win the BehemothTournament
    Slay 10 behemoths.

    Get it here
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    I'll try it out when I get home. Sounds like it will be fun
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      Another strange map, compelling though. Your choice of textures is... interesting. Good to see that Baz was included as one of the marines.


      The last level is very nasty, three at once I could handle, but four... I thought I would be infested so many times. Strange how I wasn't when they hit me so many times, seems to be a certain area of the behemoth that infests. Even melee saved me... but my health made me wish I'd taken a medic.

      It was only a first try, I want to try online... on insane

      P.S. - Did you set an über time?


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        Wellwell, this one was...weird, but fun

        The textures were great and I looked LONG at the Baz-picture laughing ...Crash even said "Hack the Planet!!!!!!!!!!!111111111"

        I took Faith, and had some trouble with the three and four behes at the same time, but made it on my first try (easy though)
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          Tried it liked it.I liked how it said 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.I died on 2 with wolfe.I gotta say its really fun but tough.Probobly cause of the Autogun slowing me down.
          EDIT:It was on easy to.
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            Pics:: 1 2 3 4 5


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              Originally posted by Carth
              Strange how I wasn't when they hit me so many times, seems to be a certain area of the behemoth that infests.P.S. - Did you set an über time?
              Not bad, I won the first time I tried the final version on normal with faith and took much longer.
              According to the behemoth script, there is a 1.5 second window for you to get out of range before you get infested.
              Uber unlock mode is 5 minutes. You will need a fair number of survivors for the last two stages to make it.
              The medics will be having fun trying to cure infest while been chased by behemoths.
              PS: You got the Baz and Williams dialogue on the first try? Odds are 1:10, thats what i call luck.
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                Originally posted by reallybadplayer
                Uber unlock mode is 5 minutes.
                I hope that's per behemoth

                Even with a team of 8 on easy you would surely struggle to kill all 10.


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                  I played it with NoData and DeLiRiUm. Was lots of fun. And I somehow managed to sneak in an ASG, sentry, and mines when I was playing as Jaeger once. Don't know quite how that happened...
                  Based on a true story.
                  The prequel.


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                    Originally posted by Fuzzy Bunny
                    And I somehow managed to sneak in an ASG, sentry, and mines when I was playing as Jaeger once. Don't know quite how that happened...
                    Its a problem mentioned before with the weapon restriction. Fight with honor!

                    Some details on equipment:

                    ASG is way over powered against behemoths, it takes less than a clip to kill one on easy, thus it is restricted. I pretty much use ASG to test the map. Mines are the same.
                    Shotguns(recommended in the briefing) are extremely powerful but have ammo problem. Rifle+shotgun should be the best combo for nonmedics, you don't get more grenades for 2 rifles and rifle ammo is not a problem. Save the shotgun ammo at first to bring down the numbers or weaken the behemoths in later stages. Shotguns get 9 clips, ammobag gives 10.
                    Autoguns are a bad choice, but if you want style you can bring one.
                    Pistols are overpowered(due to no effect on marine speed) and thus has limited ammo in the map. You are meant to run out of ammo and rely on your teammates rifles. Extra rifle provided to pistol medic in the last stage.
                    Sentries can be exploited and flashlights have light problems in the first stage, therefore they are restricted.

                    Stop firing to dodge, this is the basic and most important tip to behemoth fighting.
                    Behemoth charges are deadly, they pause and make a noise before they charge.
                    Concentrate more on dodging than on firing, defense is better than offense. Risking an infestation for faster kills isn't worth it, you will be distracting the behemoth so others can fire without risk. And if it switches targets, shoot it in the back. Just remember to give them a clear shot.
                    Reload kills, so if there is a behemoth right behind you, wait until someone else distracts it before reloading.
                    Grenades only scratch behemoths(it takes about 60 direct hits to kill a behemoth), use them to knock back the behemoths for reloads instead of damage. Avoid grenading if possible, since you can knock them into your teammates.
                    Behemoths move slower if you are not moving. But you should really be moving all the time. It could be useful for injured medics picking up stuff so they won't miss the pickups and end up healing themselves.
                    Behemoths stop charging if they hit other behemoths.
                    Sarge uses about 8 rifle magazines to kill the first behemoth on normal, Faith uses around 11 clips.
                    Some behemoths have a little more health than others. You should concentrate on one behemoth at a time, even at the expense of not firing at other behemoths since it costs reload time.

                    I found a major weakness for behemoths which allows you to win hordes of them without a sweat. Most of it is fixed in this map, if you find out what it is, don't spread it around. Hopefully there are no more cheesy tactics.

                    This map isn't intended to be easily winnable like normal ASW map, so don't think of it as playing it for the win, but for the moment.
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                      Originally posted by reallybadplayer
                      Behemoths stop charging if they hit other behemoths.
                      That's the most useful thing of all if you ask me, I realised it when there were 3 or 4, and they were just bumping into each other. You just shoot the one closest to you, eventually it will drop back from the rifle slowing it, so then shoot the next one. Keep moving in a circle. The only problem is, all 4 behemoths died at once, concentrating on one was just too risky.


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                        rofl reallybadplayer, nice work


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                          It was reallybaddog


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                            Have any of u done it with only one marine.
                            Prepare to be shredded.
                            To avoid being teamkilled .....
                            Maps to every level in ASw


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                              Scroll up Shreddy