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  • AO-Sulfure-SE

    "AO-Sulfure-SE" [Alien Swarm v1.3 & The Telic Campaign compatible] by NoData
    Official post:

    Simply extra the entire archive in your dir/UT2004/ folder.
    Put the file named "AO-Sulfure-SE.ut2" in your dir/UT2004/AlienSwarm/Map/ folder.
    Put the file named "AO-Sulfure.utx" in your dir/UT2004/AlienSwarm/Textures/ folder.
    Put the file named "AO-Sulfure.usx" in your dir/UT2004/AlienSwarm/StaticMeshs/ folder.
    Put the file named "AoSulfureAmbianceMusicAllowStim.ogg" and "AoSulfureEndBattleMusic.ogg" in your dir/UT2004/Music/ folder.

    Errors fixed in SE version:
    Map has been recompiled with the 3369 patch.
    Minor optimisition of the east platform.
    Major lag reduction.
    The weels of the missile wagon no longer spin when stopped.
    Fixed a few minor text errors.
    Changed in part the visual of the power core.
    Changed the east platform door static mesh and its frame. Added a control button.
    Added a warning rod in both elevators.
    Added a debriefing written by Moses2k. Thanks.
    -Roof Hax:
    You can no longer jump over the crate after you move it.
    Blocked a roof hax that allowed you to jump over the south goo wall.
    Fixed and added many blocking volumes to prevent any further roof hax.
    -Game Play:
    You can no longer run on the fence beside the east platform door without triggering the spawn.
    Fixed many small corners were aliens sometimes got stuck.
    Moved or adjusted a few spawns.
    The way the west airlock that gives you access to the platform has been modified.
    The end battle is now splited in two parts.
    Many other minor fixes.

    Thanks to everyone that found bugs: Fuzzy_Bunny, Ki!ler-Mk1, Draven, x-newbie, Asellus, Moses2k and ^Dread

    Game: Unreal Tournament 2004
    Mod: Alien Swarm v1.3
    *You NEED the awesome "Alien Swarm v1.3" expansion: The Telic Campaign

    Pop. Hisssssssss.

    Conrad the Sarge suddenly remembered that he had a job to do. He sat up fast and grimaced, bracing himself on the edges of the hibernation pod. After a moment of nausea, he grunted and began to stand.

    Faith shoved a cigar in his face with a pout, “One a day. Get yourself a robot to do this,” and quickly turned away.

    “Aww, Wolfe's still nappin'. Look at him there," Faith cooed.

    Crash, obviously awake, had his hands behind his head, using his neuro-optics, mumbling, “Visions of Elvis dancing in my head...”

    “Pop a Syntek sanity pill, Murphy,” Bastille scowled.

    Faith leaned over and smacked the side of his hib-pod, “Get up, wirebrain.”

    “Right away, mom,” he grunted.

    Faith made a sour face as she started her exercises.

    Sarge cantered over to where Wolfe lay dormant, leaned down to his face and throttled his shoulder, ash dropping on his face. Wolfe's eyes bolted open and he yelped like a dog. The Sarge stood and belted, “Briefing in five!”

    Adele the Cat stretched her calves, and fingered for her belt to grab a couple nutri-pills.

    Crash eyed her, “Careful, kitten. Those'll go straight to your ass.”

    Wild-eyed, she tensed and blurted, “At least I don't eat that processed meat paste, nerd. Everybody knows that shit leads to an oral fixation.”

    “Now wait just a darn minute,” Crash squinted.


    Everyone made their way to the briefing room, sat, fidgety in their chairs, muscles slowly ceasing to ache. Sarge hopped down from the ops ladder with a secure-mem in his paw. He slotted it into the table-jack and gave a fingerprint. “So what're we doing out here, Ship?”

    “Good morning,” intoned Hyperborea Mother, “hope you're rested, because this one's a doozy.”

    “Background follows:
    Sixteen days ago, the IAF received a grav-telecom from a passive-mode sensor in the Phi Perseii inner belt. It had detected a thermal event from a moon orbiting one of the sub-stellar masses, 5 AUs out. Directional wide-band later indicated an expanding debris field and additional active thermals from the moon's position. Estimated crustal damage to the moon is rated 'Total Effect' on the Torino-Marx scale. Speed of expansion indicates a blast strength of over one gigaton.

    Phi Perseii is registered with Sol Authority to the Telic Corporation - Québec and they maintain a planetary facility and an unmanned geostationary platform at the first planet. Contact name is registered as René-N. Bonaparte of Les Patriotes Recherche et Développement.

    As you are no doubt aware, the IAF/Sol Authority Treaty forbids the development and testing of nuclear and antimatter weaponry outside of contract with the IAF. The penalty can be as severe as corporate license revocation. We appear to have a serious event on our hands, and the IAF and Sol are very interested in checking this one out. There are numerous legislative plans being prepared to defend against further abuses by Syntek, Telic, and the other major players.

    Hyberborea-B Fast-Response Frigate has been ordered to diametric-jump to Phi Perseii, recon the devastated moon, disable the Telic Corporation orbital platform if necessary, and deploy a marine presence to the surface in order to facilitate intelligence gathering and possible arrests. I have been ordered to extrapolate additional objectives, should they be required.

    Cat grinned, “I say we set some-”

    Jaeger nudged her to keep quiet.

    Hyperborea continued, “Strength of possible resistance is unknown and the facility layout is not on file. We are approaching the orbital insertion window. ETA: two hours. Good hunting, marines.”

    “Well,” grinned the Sarge, “time to earn those paychecks.”


    -This map is HUGE. Probably the 3rd biggest one ever made for Alien Swarm, just smaller than LostContact and LostContact-SE8. So take your
    time when you play it, dont try to rush it.... Its a map for veteran!
    -Feel free to use any static mesh, music or textures included in this pack.
    -You DON'T have the right to sell, modify or update by any way the file named AO-Sulfure-SE.ut2, but feel free to use is content in any other map.
    -There's a minor problem with the pathnode in the vent, and particulary in the lava pit. I have done many tweeks to prevent the bots of falling down when you call them, but it's still happend sometimes. So take your time there and control them one by one. A simple "GO" order could be fatal!

    Thanks to:
    My wife, DeLiRiUm for her support during three painfull months of absence.
    Moses2k, for his introduction story, mission introduction, and mostly all the english text in the map.
    Draven, for the solo testing, roof hax detection, time adjustment for Über mode unlock, and for all other minor bugs found.
    Mjr.Hurtz, for every good suggestions, commentaries, one of his door idea taken from the Phalanx Campaign and some emiters.
    Pestcontrol and THN community (, for donating their server during the 8 players stress test.
    Baz, he knows why...
    Carth for the proscribe pathnode settings (to prevent bot to fall down in the lava).
    All other beta testers: Fuzzy_Bunny, ^Dread, LightFoot, RogueKnight, UArch, krampe, SqUEE and all those I'm forgetting.
    A special thanks to "Haggard". The stim music of the map came from "Of A Might Divine" from the wonderfull album "Eppur Si Muove".
    Dont forget to visit them at:
    Black Cat Games for this awesome mod.
    Telic campaign creators for their awesome expansion, for the fall idea taken in AO-TE-Aqueduct, for the broken panel objective, some emiters, ect.

    Hope you will enjoy it, and good luck marines! NoData

    #1-Global view of the space port on west:
    #2-West base access (AWs view style):
    #3-Unknown place:
    Shot00110.JPG Shot00108.JPG Shot00116.JPG

    3 more screenies here and here
    Dont miss Pestcontrol screenies here
    The map is already uploaded on my server, hope you will enjoy it, and good luck marines! NoData

    Mirror #1: Download Hosting

    Compressed for redirection server:
    Last edited by NoData; 2 Jun 2006, 04:45 PM.
    My AS2K4 map: Sulfure-SE
    And a fixed one: BehemothTournament-TE2

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    Seems good. ^^

    Faith shoved a cigar in his face with a pout, “One a day. Get yourself a robot to do this,” and quickly turned away.
    He he he. Addict.
    "Spera: Ooh! Ooh! You hear that? A bird singing out amidst our desolation. It's a miracle. The miracle called supper."

    --Lucifer #28, Breaking & Entering


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      I'll beta test!


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        I'm in for some beta testing.
        Phalanx Campaign
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          What? I thought beta test spots were closed... I r want to beta test too.
          "Spera: Ooh! Ooh! You hear that? A bird singing out amidst our desolation. It's a miracle. The miracle called supper."

          --Lucifer #28, Breaking & Entering


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            Looks sweet, Makes me wanna dl Alien Swarm again, But on seing the "Your a noob" thread i think ill pass.
            Your order has been dispatched!


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              See what you did Carth...WELL DONE!

              And umm...Yeah, if you'll need the extra beta testers, I can help
              The *mean French look* haunts...everywhere.

              Look mom, I double A'd Moses -2kmix- heavy


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                Originally posted by Phantaloz
                See what you did Carth...WELL DONE!
                I killed Alien Swarm. It was my intention all along ever since I started playing it a year and 8 months ago.

                Sorry just watched eXistenZ, it messed with my head a bit


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                  I think he talk about this

                  Thanks for all those great comments! About beta testing now... You need to tell me what you wanna do! There still 2 places left: lightning, and optimisation. As you probably know it, i look for experimented ppl.
                  My AS2K4 map: Sulfure-SE
                  And a fixed one: BehemothTournament-TE2


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                      Awesome, i don't want to spoil myself with any beta test, i want this map to surprise me like the intro has.

                      Looking forward to it.
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                        I like lightining...When I get to paint it red and make them pop with nice screams and zaps...And Navy music!
                        The *mean French look* haunts...everywhere.

                        Look mom, I double A'd Moses -2kmix- heavy


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                          what happend to the good ole just plain beta testers!
                          I'll take the one the beta slot of someone who knows how to use UnrealEd!
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                          Executive CEO of NCM Mining Co. (Corvus Campaign)


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                            Heh, What We need is a good ol skybox, None of this dynamic light crap.
                            Your order has been dispatched!


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                              Originally posted by NoData
                              “Pop a Syntek sanity pill, Murphy,” Bastille scowled.
                              I told him to use a venomous French glare, and he didn't listen...