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    Definitely cheating. The mapper intended a tech to be required, using a console command to bypass that is the same as editing the map...
    It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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      That's definitely a point.

      But I insist, it is still a matter of convention. Consider some hypothetical cases.

      Mapper could change the map. Or authorize it being done. Case solved.
      Even if he says 'Yes good Idea, but I don't have the time right now.' Or if we say 'I don't want all that different versions, and mismatches and stuff'

      We could then play the map with that workaround without even changing it. If, according to BigD, mappers intention is that crucial, it wouldnt be cheating.

      In case the mapper doesn't care at all, or isn't to be found, someone else could do it.

      Especially if we all agreed that that's OK.

      But I will let it rest now, for a time, if there is no new thoughts or further opinions about it. Think I made it clear at least. No point in pushing that matter further, if there is no consensus to be seen.


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        Well that command would work very well for the rambo challenge.

        Originally posted by Carth View Post

        2) You may take another marine and suicide him at the start of the mission if it requires a tech, but you can't use any of their equipment. It is only for if there is a hack tool in the map, or if you can get past an area without hacking.
        I personally don't like taking crash and suiciding him just so that I can do it alone. Thats just me tho.
        What would be interesting would be a "rambo-mode" where you don't have any restrictions. If you can't make it past the hack you'll just restart and take a tech.