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  • Compiling My Campain


    Ive made my campain scripts and now i need to compile them, im trying to find a good way of doing it because all i have is sub-classes from the mutator "CustomCampaignMutator_v150b" And can i just compile the files on their own or do i need the CustomCampaignMutator_v150b files as well?


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    Yes, Im pretty sure you will need those files. If you want you can check

    Also, I would like to know more about your Champaigne.
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      my champaign? I'm too young!

      My campaign, well I'm not too sure, I just wanted too mess around with the new engine.


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        I just cant get it to compile, it keeps telling me it cant find the file that im super classing it of, i cant put the files together or they will compile with the .U file. Can anyone suggest anything?

        This is what im using-


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          I dont catch what your trying to do; you try to compile a new campaign with existing maps, or you created a complete campaign and you want to create a .u and a lobbymap for it?
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            i still have not finished the maps so i have not coded them, i just wanted to compile my campain files, im having alot of trouble wich i dont normally get v


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              Why do you have an .u and a .int file in your classes directory? Those should be in your Alienswarm\System directory.

              Other than that... make sure AoCustCamp is listed in the EditPackage list in Alienswarm.ini, that your package is listed after it, and that you're compiling with the -mod=AlienSwarm argument.

              I might be wrong though, as I have no idea what you're trying to do.
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                LOL, thanks, i cant believe i forgot to put AoCustCamp in the .ini file.

                Thanks and will post some stuff up about my campain soon