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  • Human Swarm?

    Is there a game/Mod that lets Humans control Aliens and marines are botcontrolled?If u look at the editors Textures, u see the Textures under
    AoMiscIcons->overlord.There are some stange textures i wonder about. AKA the question is, can the aliens be contreooled by humans and marines to be controlled by bots(Also why is there a pawn named AoPlayerAlienPawn?
    <- Need backup!

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    Have a look at this thread, it should answer most of your questions.
    Based on a true story.
    The prequel.


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      actually, i know this has been talked about countless times already, but i had an idea!

      what about if you were to bring back the overlord element as a tug-of-war type of game,

      lets say each "mission"(not quite) spans about three maps

      map1 could be the sw0irm hive
      map2 could be the in-the-middly-bit
      and map3 could be the something, i dunno

      anyway you all start in the vs alien

      if the aliens win it pushes the level into map3 where the marines need to hold out against certain dewm or they lose, if the marines win it pushes the map in the direction of the you battling to shift the map into enemy territory and kill them once and for all!


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        O you could do a mutator that re-skins all the aliens a variety of zombies oooooooooooooo.
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